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It has been a while,

I am visiting here after a long,long time. I stopped writing because not all these stories were mine to tell. Perhaps it would have ran into gheebat or exaggeration or lies or abusing the izzat of a Muslim who has since reformed.

InshaAllah will hunt out some reading material for those who asked,

JazakAllah khair for the loyalty to this unworthy blog

Fi Amanillah (&your guide to darul uloom guys&girls)


When this blog began, I  had a hundred thoughts&experiences to share. However something happened,Ramadhan.

It made me introspect and carrying on with this blog is not feasible for certain reasons. 

However, the few things I did want to share,are under. They also are completely applicable to me. Hope I can remember all,doubt it.


a) They stand out because of the edge their ilm(knowledge) gives them.

b)However when we don’t practice on the ilm, it can have a very adverse effect that will impact on us even more than on someone who has limited ilm.

c)Do not get charmed by the lines a guy still studying gives you. (esp foreigners) that “hot” accent won’t sound so charming when he informs you he HAS to marry someone from his culture/family/or his mother might get suicidal. Girl, he is not going to marry you,period.

d) The girl who can rattle off her politics and arabic with equal ease, is  appealing. However when on your engagement/wedding/her friends walima, she rocks up with a camel hump or whips off her hanayen to expose her hair… you’re asking for trouble.

e) If you don’t have adab (respect and etiquette) for your teachers,kitaabs& colleagues while in Madressa, your stinky reputation will stay with you.

f) When we enter the Madressa, we have admitted ourselves into a washing machine to clean up our act internally and externally. We can only benefit if we don’t resist.

g) Very rarely does someone who didn’t work on their spiritual condition and keep the company of the pious will do so after leaving Madressa. This is an epic disaster. Knowledge of deen cannot be learnt in isolation, it’s not clinical like secular knowledge.

h) Conducting a love affair with anyone other than ALLAH TA’AALA is a huge barrier to learning and absorbing and figuring out our purpose in life. We dont need this. May Allah protect our hearts in HIS Merciful Hands

i) Watching movies and porn &listening to music (and youtubing unnecessary clips) ,blocks the nur(light) of the ilm filtering into the heart and mind. Doesn’t matter if our marks are sky high. It distances us from our Allah. And we will see the proof when we feel disinclined from deeni talks/people&activities.

j) Studying&Teaching Deen, the work of Tabligh, the time with the mashaaikh of the Khanqahs and humanitarian work are 4 wheels of a moving car. A car missing one wheel cannot go anywhere. IF we cannot be a part of a certain work, then don’t do yourself a disservice and pick on it. Zip our mouths. 

k) We should try and distance ourselves from the love of clothes,trends,cars & gadgets. What is the point of all our years in Madressa otherwise? What will set us apart? 

l) Please work on spelling and diction, it shouldn’t be that because we’re in Madressa we can butcher the  language! Remember Nabi SAW and Sahaba RA spoke eloquently.

m) become a master of our studies. When you enjoy it,it will be fun. Simple.

n) Overlook the faults of our teachers and the Ulama. Take their advice and duas.

o)Follow the sunnah and help the family, thats when they won’t say Alimas and Alims aren’t good people. Do it because it is a sunnah of Nabi SAW,whose example is the formula for success

p) Don’t be obsessed by stats and likes and dont be a wanna-be social media star. Facebook,Twitter etc is not for the people of Ilm

q) Don’t let anyone with a secular degree ever make you feel like a second class citizen and don’t allow yourself to feel that way. You’re a star. Allah has truly blessed you, now let’s that that ilm and use it to make a change.

r) don’t become an Alim known to debate and argue.

s) No matter how many years since we left Madressa, we should revise regularly and keep reading stories of the pious to motivate and inspire us.


AstaudiUllah deenaka wa amaanataka wa khawaateema amalik


How to fill the post Ramadhan emptiness


This was written by a  revert Muslim who had spent Ramadhan in China,Spain &Poland. It is a TOP article and inshaAllah, I have no doubt if we had to practise these advices, we’ll be sailing in the post Ramadhan breeze again, don’t lose hope. It’s long but ,really really beneficial inshaAllah.

The excitement of Eid is over. You are a revert Muslim and maybe it was your first time. There were times when you were not sure you were going to make it and even times when you were not sure of anything much at all.

It was 30 days of extreme physical and mental tests, long nights of prayer and lonely hours (at least in my case) of a dry throat.

Now on completion you will never forget those 30 days; every year from now on will mean something more than you ever could have imagined. They will forever be embedded in your heart and mind as a testimony to your resolve and unshaking belief in the shahadah, which you know beyond a doubt that you now firmly believe in.

And then in that joy comes the “crash” – the sense of emptiness, of abyss. You climbed so high to achieve the long fasts and Taraweeh of Ramadan and now everywhere you look is down. At the top, the climb seems nowhere near as bad as the descent.


And if you are feeling like that, trust me I was the same in 2012 in China, knowing I would go back to Spain, which isn’t the most Muslim-friendly place. This thought then filled my heart with a little bit of dread and then the desperation set in.

What do I do now? What does Allah Almighty want from me? What do I do at iftar? How do I maintain that sense of community?

With the end of Ramadan, it was like my “Muslimness” was draining away and no sense of scrambling would get it back. That sense of knowing Allah when refusing a cup of tea until the final bowel of Maghrib because you’re a Muslim, or the near militant avoidance of the use of bad language or the refusal to listen to non-Muslim worship during Ramadan was gone…

And in that desperation, I did the only thing I could do. I turned to Allah once more. Not because I was a “good Muslim” but because I didn’t know what else to do. I could not ask my family and within a short time the Muslims I had come to know in China were literally going to be on the other side of the world.

At this moment I knelt in my long prayer clothing with my hood up on my prayer mat and opened my ears wide.

What did Allah need to say to me? It was my first Ramadan and it was all over. How could I fill the emptiness?

The answers did not come all at once. One did but the others came later, some even during my second Ramadan.

First thing to remember is that you are not chasing a spiritual high but you are running after Allah, the one true God.

Any Muslim looking to emulate a spiritual high will be highly disappointed and will only be drunk in it.

The “high” is the blessing one gets for seeking Allah. The minute you stop seeking Him is the minute the food spoils and makes you sick. The blessing fades and turns abruptly into a nightmare because as writer Yasmin Mogahed says:

“You can only run in one direction. So you are either running to God, or you are running to something else…”

So with that in mind, how does one stay in the blessing of Ramadan?

Why Blessed in Ramadan?

Reflect on Allah’s greatness every time you say “Allahu Akbar” and what He inspired you to achieve.

Remind yourself why you felt blessed during Ramadan and why you did it in the first place. In my case I did not do it because it was a pillar of Islam, but I did it to feel closer to Allah. So I read the Quran more comprehensively, prayed more frequently, actively bought Islamic books on family life and marriage (seeing as it is the other half of the deen) to read in Ramadan and after it.

In other words, I surrounded myself with things that would allow me to have a better relationship with Allah and the Ummah. In doing so, I received Allah’s blessing and actively felt blessed. If I had to give one piece of advice this post-Ramadan I would say: write down or talk to a brother or sister about your blessings and how you wish to walk in them in the coming year. This means, at least it did in my case, a brainstorming session (or two or three) with your best friends or family.

Reflect on Allah’s Greatness

Reflect on Allah’s greatness every time you say “Allahu Akbar” and what He inspired you to achieve. I am not one to write things down but rather a person who “meditates” on such things. Doing my quiet times on the bus (which were not actually quiet, given how crowded a place China is), I made it part of my worship. In this worship, I processed what had happened to me during Ramadan and was happening to me now, after Eid.

I asked friends of mine what they thought of “my Ramadan”, which was a rather revealing, though a not too comfortable experience that told me a lot about myself and my relationship with Islam (my good and bad attitudes).

If you are a revert or even a born Muslim it is actually very worthwhile to ask a non-Muslim person you trust to give their honest opinion as they see things that Muslims may not always notice, given that they are themselves focusing on prayer and fasting themselves!

Allah’s greatness can be reflected everywhere (unless it is strictly haram) and in every person (obviously to a varying degree) so don’t make the mistake of only asking the holiest person you meet!

Ask Allah’s Help

Ask Allah what He wants you to do with your new found skills of post-Ramadan (in my case more patience and a greater awareness of poverty and physical hardship). I did a lot of du’a following Ramadan and asked Allah about the things I had read, the people I had met and the skills I had learned. I also went out and actively did something about it. Du’a is only the beginning and changes little if you do not act on it.

Du’a is participatory; it is not a monologue and involves interaction with Allah and subsequently other people, in order that Allah can show you how to make your pure heartfelt desires a reality. Think Action Plan, in blocks or a series of steps (I prefer not to have a timeframe as I lose motivation.)

 Invest time in building and maintaining Halal relationships  Actively look for opportunities to interact or offer your support to someone. Connect to the pious. Let them assist you.(p.s pious people aren’t friendly with the opposite gender but stick to a need to know basis and only if neccesary)

Continue to frequently consult the websites from where you obtained Quranic insights to live a highly productive and spiritual Ramadan. In my case this was how I first became acquainted with being productive. Go back to basics and read straight from a kitab, not a gadget. Temptation to surf and go into unnecessary googling will be cut down, also the nur (light) felt from reading a kitab(Islamic book) will always be far brighter than any app or screen.

Continuity is Key

Ask Allah what you need to work on after Ramadan which you didn’t have time to perfect during Ramadan.

Keep up any one of the routines you established during Ramadan – continuity is key. If you made it your goal in Ramadan 2012 to pray all 5 no matter where you were or to pray at the mosque daily in Ramadan 2013, keep up the habit! If you found time during Ramadan to go the gym and work a full-time job, you will still have that time then after Ramadan. It might mean, as it did in my case, that you make it your business to know every mosque in the city or that you book appointments and work schedule (or even leisure activities) around prayer times but believe me, it is worth it. I just think of all the exercise and fat I burn cycling to the masjid and the less time I have to sit wasting time on my computer.

Recover What You Missed in Ramadan

Ask Allah what you need to work on after Ramadan which you didn’t have time to perfect during Ramadan. In my first one the focus was more physical, given the shock my body had. The focus of my second one was consistent masjid attendance. I am sure the next thing I must work on is patience. In this year’s post-Ramadan I will,Insha’Allah, be looking at what frustrates me and how I can avoid that feeling of frustration. In my case prayer is the number one solution and actually my best non-Muslim friend gives me my prayer mat when I am annoyed! Attack what you need to work on from two angles, find out the source or the reason behind the need to change, develop and/or grow and facilitate the solution.

{O you who have believed, seek help through patience and prayer. Indeed, Allah is with the patient.} (2:153)

In your post-Ramadan, there will be times where you don’t feel spiritual at all. You might even feel fed-up and irritable, having slipped up and lost your newly created habits, be it gym attendance, masjid attendance, reduction in the number of swear words you allow to pass your lips etc.

Pray about it, commit the issue to Allah. Make yourself accountable to a Muslim of the same sex (i.e. not your wife or husband though they should know you are doing it and who with), not to revel in it but to genuinely seek Allah’s will on the matter. Ask him/her to commit to doing du’a for you too and be patient and steadfast.

Lastly, remember if you forget to take prescribed medicine it normally says on the instruction leaflet, not to take a double dose but rather resume the medicine again as soon as you remember or as soon as you can. This is what I encourage you to do when and if you should slip up. Commit to prayer, be patient with yourself and as soon as you can resume your normal “Ramadan” behavior. For this is now you, not the man or woman before Ramadan but the one after!

So with these tips, prepare yourself to have a different but equally enriching post-Ramadan experience until the next one, Insha’Allah.

The article “Maintaining the Spiritual High of Ramadan When You’re on Your Own” first appeared at It’s republished with slight  modifications.


This is what post Ramadhan should be…

may Allah forgive us for regarding HIS love as less important than the love of makhlooq, legal or illicitRumi Quote

may we stay in love with Allah and Nabi SAW so every haraam is hated by us. So easy was it in Ramadhan to run to Allah and now in the snare of nuffs and shaitan, we fall.

Stay still a little,pull back a little when in doubt, make a tiny effort oh soul and ask Allah to help you reach a fruitful ,pure end

Post Ramadhan thoughts


so let’s see… shaitan’s out,the nafs is flexing its muscles again and i forgot how to navigate wordpress…

a)How was your Ramadhan?

b)what changes did you adopt in Ramadhan that you would like to keep now?

c)What made you follow/click on this blog for the newbies?

d)Is boycotting sin more important or boycotting products?

Blogging and Ramadhan


Asalamu  alaikum

Once in Madressah we did the Tafseer of Surah Asr(Time) and my respected,beloved teacher explained it in one line. Watch an ice block melt ona summer’s day and understand the meaning of Surah Asr.

By the qasam of Time,

Certainly mankind is at a loss

 Except for those who have believed and done good deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.

(ps: Updating hijabi and fresh beards and iftaar pics are not under the tafseer of “good deeds”)

Let’s spend our time the right way inshaAllah. Let’s not let social media make us waste time. Hold the Quran and tasbih more often than the phone. Sit on the musalla in dua rather than clicking pics on instagram. I salute those bloggers who have chosen not to post in Ramadhan. Reading or writing fiction is not the option that’s the best for us in Ramadhan. InshaAllah.

It is the month for intense Personal ibadah.From one blog,we surf to the next and next. If we are not going to utilise this opportunity now,then when?

One day,we all have to die. How will we answer for how I spent my time? Every night and morning let’s ask ourselves this.

Please forgive me, I know I Have offended many here, I ask for maaf. 

Make dua for my hidayat and the ability to practise on what I preach.

Was salam.

See you’ll in Shawaal if Allah wishes so


The Part;the Fifteen. Getting the wrong end of the miswaak

In class; Hayaatus Sahabaa (R.A)

Hayaatus Sahaaba(Lives of the Companions of Nabi SAW) was a book that fascinated me. At first I didn’t have much interest because of grappling with the Arabic but once that become easier thanks to having a patient mu’tala partner,it opened a treasure box of unending pearls.

For the first time the Sahaba became a reality for me. For the first time I got a glimpse of them as humans like me. As if they emerged from the mists of far-away legends and I could “see” them as real, living, everyday humans with everyday issues yet who lived extraordinarily in their choices. It was a book that even Nu’maan was enamoured with.

“Where are you lost Nabeel? Not paying attention?” Moulana Zahid asks and I snap out of my reverie.

“No,no not at all Moulana, I am…I was just wondering about this waaqiah(incident) that we just covered regarding Ali RA and Muawiyah RA… It just…disturbs me a bit…like I find it hard to …how do I put this eish…”

“Like how could the Sahaba have a so called struggle for leadership? Or why did their differences escalate? And they were supposed to be the best of all people after Ambiyaa” Moulana asks perceptively.

“jee..jee” I nod

And as always it’s the teacher who makes all the difference to what is taught.

“The difference between Sahaba was only and Always because of Deen. They didn’t always see each other the way later generations saw them them yet they looked at each other with completely clean hearts. When there was a difference between Ali RA and Muawiya RA,it was because each thought that they would be more capable to implement Deen amongst the masses. There was No question Ever of them differing because of desire and greed for power.”

I digested this and breathed out in relief. Their entire lives were monuments to Imaan. (Faith)

“Never doubt those who Allah Ta’aala handpicked to be in the company of His Beloved,those who bore every trail and took this deen forward,those who stood as 313 in Badr against an enemy Three times their size and never once thought of running away from the battlefield,the Sahaba gave their lives and hearts in a second for Deen,in a second. We need to have the greatest love and respect for those whom Allah says HE is happy with(Quran)” Moulana continued.


The Sahaba,the Best of all ‘ordinary’ mortals, stood on opposite sides of the battlefield,they had differences. They didn’t say,oh okay let’s just be all be one big happy family. Their differences were for Deen. For those beating on the Unity card, you are missing the broader picture. Will you accuse the Sahaba of disuniting the Ummah? Don’t miss the point totally and get the wrong end of the miswaak.

We cannot harp on unity of the MUSLIMS while ISLAM is being torn apart. First comes ISLAM ,then comes the Muslims.

To follow a mazhab is waajib for the masses. Those who pick on Imaam Abu Hanifa,Imaam As-Shaafi,Imaam Malik and Imaam Hambal are greatly deluded.

Those who say they don’t follow their nafs,then Who do you follow when you decided to read 8rakaats? When you decided hijab isn’t compulsory? When you discarded the ‘topee’(Islamic hat) ? Who DID you follow? Your Shaikh? Ibn Taymiyah?  Those who came so many aeons After Nabi SAW but you threw away the stance those who were WITH Nabi SAW? Umar RA made the uniform code of Taraweeh as 20. Sahaba RA followed and so it remained. Sahaba RA wore a hat. Sahabiyaat draped themselves in full niqaab.

So who are we and our scholars when we conveniently throw it all aside in the name of  “I will Only follow Quran and Sunnah”?

I am sorry but when every day,someone is led away from the unity of the ummah that was held intact by following a mazhab,then I Will speak out against it and when gentleness isn’t working,then we have to take other measures. The sisters who were outraged by the disunity of the ummah, what do you say about the fact that so many of these Shaikhs have made tv, okay? Do you get outraged by that?

The manner in which the Shaikh’s were mocked was disliked because of the tone,fine,I accept that but it was to raise a point. The Ulama are supposed to be fountains of wisdom and pillars of spirituality and piety so we may lean on them.

But when our Ulama are making jokes using movies they watched,even with their kids or update a status about how a movie is good or wholesome(though it contains every non Islamic element)then as hard as we try,we cannot find the nur we seek,from them.

Please I beg you, you Have the intelligence,the followers,the sway,now use it in the right way Shaikh. And I plead that with a completely sincere plea.



The Part; The Fourteen. Salafis and 15th of Sha’baan. ( preparing my kafan after this post:)


Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem


To explain this, I need to fast forward this a few years past my first year. This is a super long post,please stick around till the closing credits. JazakAlllah Khair


So we were in the midst of exams,stressing like crazy. We are given permission to stay up till later than the usual to study and when you walk into the mess and the boarding,you’re hit with the symphony of Quran,Hadith,Tafseer,explanations,different opinions etc etc and in different languages. It is absolutely amazing. Of course at that time it didn’t feel amazing because you’re stressed out to the max.

So it was somewhere before the 15th of Sha’baan and I walk into the mess late at night after getting some biscuits from my room for my tea break. Some guys were so into their kitabs that even if you dropped something on them, they wouldn’t have flinched. SubhanAllah. Some guys were stretching their backs and arms,trying to get rid of the tiredness while their eyes reddened with exhaustion and some were on a break like me, refuelling and wondering why did studying always make you feel like a hungry lion? While there was another group who had no sign of stress and flipped through their books,laughing and joking while least interested in learning. May Allah Ta’aala forgive us.

Those of us on “eat break” automatically gathered in a circle.

Ayub; “Bismillahi wa alaa barakatillah” (Why do we forget to say this when we snack?)

Zameer; “15th of Sha’baan is coming up next week,I don’t know why the asaatizah  scheduled heavy papers for us the next day. I’m going to be whacked from staying up”

Ramzi; “Zameer…we shouldn’t talk of our nafl ibaadah akhi…keep it between you and Allah”

Zameer; “I didn’t mean it like that Ramzizi, they will have a programme in the musjid and that ends late and then we obviously have to make our own personal ibadat”

Ramzi; “True,true, ighfirli”

Suhaib; “All papers are ‘heavy’ for you Zameer,it’s Aqeedat Tahaawi,it’s not heavy mate”

Ayub; “You’re finding it heavy? Need me to help you brush up? Just let me know. I Love that kitab!”

Me; “me too, it’s almost like poetry!”

They look at me funny. Sigh.

Ramzi; “It is brilliant in its science of Aqeedah(Beliefs) for the ahlus Sunnah wal Jama’ah”

Zakir; “ I don’t think we have to stay up on the 15th night…there is nothing to prove it is a “big night” That hadith isn’t even found in Bukhari or Muslim,why kill youself when you not going to get all that you Think a hadith promised”

A hush fell over the group.

Zakir was someone who was always questioning,debating and ridiculing the Aimma and asking for (daleel)proofs and although he didn’t claim to be “salafi” it was thought he was.

Ramzi breaks the silence. “I think you are doing yourself disservice my brother if you restrict yourself to only Bukhari and Muslim as your only source. Millions of Muslims,thousands of Muhadditheen (narrators and reserachers of Hadith) and we accept Only Two kitabs as authentic? Are we saying that everyone elses effort is a lie? It is wrong? Made up? , the Muhadittitheen who gave their Lives for Deen,who had more connection to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’aala in a day than we in our whole lives,are liars and fabricators? They were so close to Nabi SAW in action and we are so far ,yet we find it so easy na’am? To say daeef ,daeef,daeef”(weak narration)

Everyone was stunned. In all our time,we had never heard an outburst from Ramzi.

But Ramzi was not done. “Even If it was a weak hadith, it is the 15th of Sha’baan,halfway to Ramadhan, why should we not prepare ourselves? Why? So we can make ourselves feel nice about the wrong we do? What is there if we sit in ibaadah? Even if with just a niyyah to get closer to Allah, it is a night of taubah,to seek true forgiveness. In taraweeh, the salafis say 8 rakaats BUT WHAT DO THEY DO IN THE REMAINING TIME? WHAT? IBADAT?? Why always so ready to debate but not ready to make ibadat Alone!”

Nabeel chipping in here.

My problem with Salafis is this. I have the greatest respect for the True scholars who are “salafi” because their knowledge is intense and immense. Some of the greatest heroes of our time were/are Salafi But I will say this, it is not for the masses to be Salafi. Why? Because you Do not have the indepth knowledge of Deen to take chances like that on a uniform code given to us for the sake of ease by the 4 Imaams;

Imaam Abu Hanifa AR,Imaam Shafi AR,Imaam Ahmed Bin Hambal AR,Imaam Malik AR.

Today’s Salafi scholar and daee is busy,very busy prepping his important Youtube video of Da’wah or printing his glossy pamphlet for his seminars,updating his social account pics and (the  sisters are not going to like this) ,joking with his students.Female students. See a problem in that picture?

Now I am not taking my paintbrush and doing a general paint but I have family who have attended the lessons of scholars who follow Taqleed and those that don’t and I am sad to say, it is amongst those that follow Taqleed, where Hijab is observed More stringently and so are the commands of hijab. Joking and laughing and being informal for a Shaikh to his female students,is wrong! It rips away the nur of the lessons. It makes a mockery of the Divine words  you’re teaching Shaikh. Having access to your Shaikh anytime,is not right.

Not every scholar is like this and not every muqallid scholar is good. No ways. 

Why does our Shaikh pull off his hat that announced he is a Muslim for years because he can’t find the hadith in Bukhari about a hat nevermind he found it everywhere else? But will never wear an Amaamah(turban) coz that’s so IndoPak style you know? Nevermind that wearing a turban is in the authentic ahadith?  Why does our Shaikh suffer an inferiority complez and pulls on a suit jacket over his kurta? The Salafi look for conventions,seminars,weddings and other places he needs to look important. Does he feel the dressing of Nabi SAW is not good enough that he had to add on a western look to feel smarter?

Ah,let’s not forget,the salafi scholar Has to look tip top. It’s in the curriculum.

My main problem with Salafism is the glaring lack of Ruhaniyat. Spirituality. Let me break it down for you. Too much of show business,too much time debating authenticity,not enough time in actual ibaadah,too much time discarding portions of Deen  and not enough in actual dawah where its not through a medium of a seminar or webinar. Too much time window dressing and not enough time away from the glare of the public eye. Contemplation in solitude,as Nabi SAW did.

You scream and shout and abuse the 4 Imaams and mock us for our following them. You claim to follow pristine Deen and to practise it as Nabi SAW did and the Sahaba RA and you follow no one else,so you say.

But you quote Ibn Taymiyah,Albaani and Bin Baaaz left ,right and centre. Seeking reassurance for your choices from their works. Does it not come down to the same thing you accuse us of?

Phew. I’m steamed out.

Once again,some of the greatest men I know of are Salafi. But they are close to the sunnah in the way they walk,talk,dress,eat. With their amaamahs and pants mid calf,dressed as my Nabi SAW did. These men are devout worshippers,modest and observe hijab not only with their eyes but their hearts. I Salute them and love them.

In the above,I refer to the current day, camera friendly Shuyookh who do as I have described. Not those that are trying their best to be like their predecessors in the truest and best sense.

Back to the “eat break”

Ayub; “What is amazing is that we have ahadith on a person’s wudhu been broken by merely touching a female and other narrations from Aisha Siddiqa RA where Nabi SAW kissed her and proceeded to lead the salaah? So how do we reconcile this? Is our wudhu intact or not? when we feel like,then its broken and when its not convenient for us,then we don’t make it.”

Ramzi; “ Exactly Ayub, Imaam Abu Hanifa took the stance that the wudhu is valid and Imaam Shaafi AR said it will be broken in that case,what do those who scorn the Aimma say?Do what you want?”

May Allah guide us all in these trying times Ameen,myself first.

The Authenticity of Laylatul Baraa’ah

The 15th night of Sha’baan is known as Laylatul Baraa’ah or the Night of Emancipation.

Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam has stated:

“Allah Ta’ala looks upon all His creation on the middle Night of Sha’baan and forgives them all, except the one who associates partners with Him or the one who has hatred in his heart (against a Muslim).” (Authenticated as Saheeh in Saheeh ibn Hibban)

There are those who cast doubts about the significance of this night. They would be wise to consider the words of Ibn Taymiya and Albaani, whom they consider as Imaams.

Ibn Taymiya writes in his Al-Fataawal Kubra, “As for the middle night of Sha’baan, indeed it holds virtue.”

Albaani when discussing the Ahadith regarding the 15th night of Sha’baan writes, “In essence, the Hadith, considering the different narrations, is Saheeh (rigorously authenticated) without any doubt.” He further says that those who deny the virtue of this night, then it is due to their haste in passing rulings and the absence of effort in researching the Ahadith. (Silsilatul Ahadithis Sahihah)

The 15th night of Sha’baan is indeed an auspicious night. It is a night of forgiveness and mercy. Let us be of those fortunate ones who maximise the benefits of this night and thereby welcome Ramadhan spiritually rejuvenated.








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A Random Extremist

the ramblings of an incoherent mind

Different Strokes..My musings!!

"Invite (all) to the way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching" (Glorious Quran:16:125)


An effort in f a c i l i t a t i o n


..on Islam

Carpe Noctem

A night's tale of caffeine-induced delirium

Quest of Justice

Lion over sheep.


A giant art installation project that targets predator drone operators sitting thousands of miles away who refer to kills as BugSplats. Now they’ll see a child’s face instead.

Silent Words

Make ur Character an "Unspoken Word"

Pearls of the Elders

Excerpts from the biographies, sayings and writings of the 'Ulama of Deoband


Revival of Islam

Sights Insights

Then return [your] vision twice again.[Your] vision will return to you humbled while it is fatigued - Qur'an (67:4)

Ḥayāt al-‘Ulamā’

Researching and Biographying our Akābir and ‘Ulamā’: Keeping their legacy alive