I turned the spoon round and round in the pot searching for a piece of meat.The liquid was watery and looked suspect. Uzair glared at me. “Dude can you pass the Dhall already?”

It was Jumah. I missed my Mother right now. Ok I missed her food.

Nabi SAW called Jum’ah “Sayyidul Ayyaam” ( leader of all days)

Before I came to Madressah, I was aware that Friday was important because well because we had to read Jum’ah. We had permission from the school to read at the nearest Musjid. It was special because we had a special thick lunch and not forgetting the sweet dish before and dessert and coke after. Then the Jum’ah burp. And then the sleepy feeling. My sisters would wear scarves too on Fridays for a change and my bro would show his mug. My mind went home,when I was little.”

“Nabeel you can’t watch TV” Mum said

And then to my sisters in their teen years.

“Zakia you can’t read novels now”

And then when I was a teen.

“Nabeel you can’t play video games now”

And when we asked why. Mum always replied, “because it’s Jum’ah , you can watch/ read/play after lunch.”

Woah.Back up here.Jum’ah isn’t Cinderella whose gown went back to rags after 12. Jum’ah doesn’t flee at  around 2pm. My mother didn’t know better then. Jum’ah with all it’s blessings lasts till Maghrib.

Wait a sec.

It seems like the highlight of my Jum’ah was food. Yes.

We have reached a stage where it seems we worship food. We let our women sweat it out in the kitchen going over the top with their red velvets and fresh cream cum icecream cum cheese cum toffee apple cum soji. Ok I exaggerate but you get the point.

 Mother oh mother, while you care so much about our gullets, please care about our akhirah too. Teach us that we won’t die if we eat simple or if ibadah takes priority.

After Jum’ah it was back to classes. It was Shaikh Shifu’s lessons. (I’ll get to later why he got that nic) He was a young ustadh that was unassuming,humble but got you respect without asking for it.Knowwhatimean?

When he walked in the first thing I noticed was he looked like he had make up. Well it looked like that eyeliner thing my sister puts. Later I would find out that it’s called surmah. He also had an amaamah(turban) on. Jum’ah was a big event in Madressah and Alhamdulilah stayed that way for me since. The guys would dress up in their freshly washed kurtas,whip out the surma and ood and put the miswaks in the top pocket. We were given extra bathroom time on Fridays as it is sunnah to make ghusal and you’d see the guys armed with their razors heading to the shower or cutting their nails into the pot plant and ruffling the sand over it.

The dressing up well for Jum’ah is slowly leaving the ummah. Applies to both genders. (No perfume for the ladies though)

“Who read Surah Kahf this morning in Mamoolaats?” Shaikh Shifu queried

“Me…me…me” Many hands went up

“Zubair? Dozing off while someone else is reading is not counted as your own reading” Shaikh smiled

“Aww, it was just the sakinah (divine tranquillity) overwhelming me.” Zubair replied

“I somehow feel when sakeena overcomes you then you won’t be drooling with your mouth open” Shaikh teased him

“Ok Ok I’ll read Shaikh” Zubair replied easily. That was one of the things about that guy. He would readily admit to his faults with a smile. The Asaatizah loved him.

“InshaAllah, Surah Kahf will protect us from the fitan(tests) of Dajjal. Everything,everyday convinces me the time for Dajjal is really close. Allah save us” He said in such a way that made me shiver slightly on a hot day.

Things I learnt about Dajjal.

He does NOT have only one eye. He has a pair of eyes but one is sticking out like a grape. (Uzair said it should be stabbed with a fork.)

The hadith describes his hair to be “like wheat.” Perhaps blonde.

Many women and jews will follow him.

Music will lure people to him like the pied piper did. He will move around playing this music and once you go to see who is playing it,you will  not return to your home. Therefore please make it a habit not to go to the window when we hear music parades passing by.

His culture will be established before him. It is a culture of lies. The movies,the TV,the media=lies.

May Allah save us and make us either dead before he arrives or from the army of Imam Mahdi,Ameen.

Please remember to read abundant salawaat on our Beloved Sayid RasulAllah SAW. May Allah protect us from the fitan of Dajjal. Let’s keep Friday clean and sin free? InshaAllah. Perhaps we may not get another .



  1. Slm n J Mbrk. Really interesting blog, learning quite a bit – Salafi, Deoband etc. There are so many terms that we often hear, but have our own warped definitions of.

  2. Ameen..truly the time of dajjaal is close,the further we run from the fitnahs of this world the better..Allah save us all..ameenXxX

  3. Cutting nails in the pot plant! Why did`nt i think of that lol. Great food for thought, pun intended lol. Keep it going…

  4. JazakAllah Khair for all the feedback,to all the posts. Make dua Allah grant me taufeeq to prac what I preach,Ameen

    Do attend the gatherings of Deen happening around us InshaAllah, next post up tomorrow if I can make it,if not. Then next Tues.

  5. Jazakallah this blog really brings back memories of our student days in a Darul uloom. Which we wish can come back but will not. I had opportunity of studying in Darul Uloom Zakariyya. South Africa.

  6. Assalaamualaikum.. I read all five posts now and I learnt a lot alhamdulilah.. This blog is amazing mashallah.. May allah give you the health and strengtht to carry on this great blog.. And may he make it a means of hidaayah for you and the readers inshallah..!

  7. Started ur blog today its really interesting alhamdulillah
    Are they nly 5 posts. Jazakallah for highlighting the sunnah of jumuah

  8. السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته
    When is the next post?
    Really enjoying this blog so far

  9. I juzt Love ds blog ALLAH guide us n mk my nephew aalim/haafiz and ALLAH save us n gv us Hidayat آمِيْن يَارَبَّ الْعَالَمِينْ

  10. Lol naah this must be a khuski darul uloom (not mentioning any names)lol where the beards are greesed well and the kuhl is applied very dark and thick. Darul uloom Springs Jameah Mahmoodiyyah is by far the best place to be. We hate KHUSKI’S lol we are straight and no nonsence lol and we don’t lock our gates we are always open to the passer by and neither prohibit cellphones and our dhaal is by far the best.”لم تحرم ما أحل الله لك؟”

  11. Abdul Fattah Williams- We were taught brotherhood. And the object of ilm is to recognise Allah, if it’s creating hate…time for a check up mate. Oh and as for the watery dhall? count it as islaah. Neither were we not straight. I respect all Ulooms that are on Haqq. Hate none.
    p.s surma and kohl are completely diff and the surma is a sunnah.

    Was salaam alaa manit tabi’al hudaa

  12. I am in total love with you blog. MashaAllah!! As a revert, its amazing to see the journey of a born muslim to his deen. Its one of the most inspiring things for me. I love the doses of wisdom in between! And to actually read the experiences of what happens in a madrassa. SubhanAllah! I had been waiting for this 🙂
    May Allah SWT help you carry on the good work and guide us all. Ameen!

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