the part; the six. faith, bathing and nics


In Madressah you get guys with the looniest nics. There was this nice,friendly guy that used to eat with me at supper. We called him Ghas. But before you understand his nic, understand another story.

One day we covered the storyof Hanzalah R.A in class. Who was a great Sahabi. Infact so great was he, that after leaving the suhbat (company) of the majlis of Nabi SAW, he became afraid that he had turned into a munafiq (hypocrite)SubhanAllah!

Don’t we all get that spiritual high when we are in the company of the pious? Or in the path of Allah? Or when reading/listening to something heart moving? Or in Ramadhan? But then when we go back home, check out the food,laugh and joke or argue with our folks and the high slowly drops and we forget all our great aspirations.

As Hanzalah RA was nearing the door of the Beloved Nabi SAW,he met Abu Bakr Sideeq RA who also came with the same concern. Who Were these people? The cream of the crop, the best of all after the Ambiyaa and they worried about the level of their Imaan so intensely, do we? Ya Allah,forgive us.

So now, Hanzalah RA got married and the call of Jihaad came before his walima. His sense of faith and desire to not hesitate for a second in defending the Deen of Allah made him rush out, without having a chance to make ghusal.

He was granted the great ,great status of a shaheed(martyr) in this battle. When the Sahaba RA reached his body, they found that his body was shining  and clean with drops of water. They could not understand how this was possible.

 (Also the Shaheed isn’t given ghusal and will arise on the day of qiyamah with his blood flowing as marks of pride for what he sacrificed.)

Nabi SAW explained that because he didn’t get a chance to make fardh ghusal, the malaaikah (angels) gave him a ghusal. Thereafter he was given the title of Ghaseelul Malaa’ikah. The one who was bathed by Angels.

Back to Ghas. I thought this was his name in the start. Until I heard one of the Asaatizah call him by his real name. So I turned to Ilyaas ,

“So why do we call him Ghas?”

“Ask Ziad,he gave him that name.” Ilyaas said laughing

“It stands for Ghaseel” Ziad explained when I cornered him.

“Hey Ghas, Nabeel wants to know where you got your name from. “he shouted out as Ghas passed by on his way to the wudhu khana.

Ghas turned purple and hurried away and the seniors laughed like loons.

“You see, when Ghas came here he was like 14 and let’s just say he wasn’t very hygienic. It was a nightmare to sit next to him in class. Whenever it was bathing time,he would go in dry and come out dry. Serious.Even Ramzi asked him to please shave his pits,it was killing us.” Ziad said


“So one day we made a plan like,told him that Mufti Afdhal(That’s the cover up name I’m going to use for our Shaikhul Hadith.)said we all have to come down to the mess at a time when we knew the asaatizah wont be around. We caught him and carried him to the yard. Then some of the guys opened the hose on him and gave him soap. I poured half a bottle of dish washing liquid which we nicked from the kitchen on him.” Ziad was laughing so much he couldn’t talk.

“Man we were mean but we had to do it! Then we made him repeat “I must not cause takleef to the noses of others” and gave him a razor,locked him in the shower and said if he wasn’t shaved when he came out, then we were going to wax him. From that day,you won’t find anyone more cleaner than him,serious!”

“But how did his nic come about?” I asked

“After he got cleaned up,we made him stand on the bunk and Tariq and I held his hands and said we did ghusal bandi of him and from that day his title is Ghaseelul Ulaama! Ha ha ha,got it? The one who was bathed by the Ulama,short form? Ghas,got it?” Ziad wrapped up

I laughed, crazy. No where else will you get crazy like your days here. Alhamdulilah.


on another note. I still do get messages asking me if I am so and so and to contact you, no I am not whoever you think I am. At the ijtima I hear people talking about this blog, funny thing,my friend was amongst them. They thought it was someone else. My intention was not to attract any “whose this guy etc” but to focus on the moral and to provide a real alternative to the unislamic “Muslim” blogs. And one other reason. But if all this blog is going to generate is a guessing game,then I think it’s time to close shop.

16 thoughts on “the part; the six. faith, bathing and nics”

  1. السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته
    Bro, u doin a gud job ما شاء الله . If ur intention wid wich u startd is correct, then continue. It shud not bother u abo ppl guessing who u r, coz that’s the nature of insaan.

  2. Woahh!! Very MashaAllah post ..wel worth th wait.. I agree wth bro bash…if yr intention is correct and strong that it’s only for the message that nds to kum across. . U shudnt stop… focus on your purpose of this blog .not wat others are saying. . Its only natural fr ppl to b curious as to whose rytn ths awesome blog ..we’re insaan aftr all.. we hav inquiring… anyway Allah aza wajjal accept yr effort of deen and crown it with success. . Ameen. .

  3. Great post once again, I’m definitely learning from them. As I’ve said before , what you write is educational yet entertaining as well. Don’t let others’ speculation bother you, as long as the knowledge you impart here is sound and good islamic knowledge then I think your purpose is fulfilled. Btw I think you should be happy you’re still anonymous and they haven’t figured you out as yet ,lol. May Allah guide us all to the correct decisions, Aameen.

  4. As insaan we should always check our intentions in the beginning, during and at the end of whatever we doing, don’t focus on the curiosity of the general public, but focus on what ur intensions were when u started this blog. Its a muslim blog with islamic morals, n reminders with humor… Dnt stop this blog cos of waswasaah lol…. Plz continue…. Allah reward you for your efforts. Ameen

  5. Really enjoying the blog. Please don’t end it. There are many lessons we can benefit from and brings back memories from madrassah days.
    May Allah keep your intentions pure and make us take benefit from it.
    Its one of the few blogs out there that is beneficial

  6. As salaamu alaikum ♡

    Firstly let me commend you on this blog
    Mashallah your aim to create an islamic blog has been achieved subhanallah

    Secondly … being a muslimah more often than not the question of what life in da uloom is like arises .. this blog explores avenues a muslimah cn never experience .. diary of a uloom boy is entertaining educational n very interesting

    Insha Allah u decide to continue ♡

    #A l h a d i y a h

  7. Yo, moulana. Concealing all the crap you got up to. LOL. Are you completed with alim by the way? Really enjoying the drama this blog and the islam kind stuff is good. Moulana hilarious saheb?

  8. JazakAllah Khair for all the reminders and advice’s.
    inshaAllah,this blog will continue,however only when time permits as am tied down with commitments at the mo. I would say next post out perhaps on late Fri night,save your data:) Unless time permits.

    coming to the “crap” soon(sadly),hold your horses lol.
    Hang in there to see if I completed or not.

    As always,request for duas for ikhlaas,istiqamat(steadfastness) and good health


  9. Asalamualaikum plz continue benfitting a lot u strted with pure intention may allah kp it tht way. Enjoying th blog

  10. Very true about how you can be on a ‘spiritual high’ after sitting in the company of the pious or after making zikr etc and then lose that connection the minute you get up to do something else. May Allah reward you for your efforts and the good that you seek to do. I had a good laugh at how ‘ghas’ got his nickname, keep up the wonderful work

  11. Realy lovn da blog Haafiz saab/moulana n u shud continue as we r learning اَلْحَمْدُ لِلّه Take u 4rm strength 2 strength آمِيْن يَارَبَّ الْعَالَمِينْ

  12. aslmz I dnt ever comment on blogs bt this time I feel the need to…. this has gt to be the best blog iv come across very apt.. not too wordy or false.. its teaching us a whole lot esp for those who hav family members in an uloom… please keep going ure doing a great job… jzk

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