the humility of an Alim- Addendum

JazakAllah Khair to the brother who queried regarding the authenticity of the origins of At-Tahiyaat. And the others who contributed to that. I contacted my Ustaz regarding that.

And guess what? He thanked me for calling him and asking. He said that he did go on to correct it in later years or rather he added along  that this was the narration he had learnt but it comes from a riwaayat(narration) with an incomplete “sanad”(chain of narration). So he said that it was his fault and Apologized that he did not mention that when I was in class and some Ulama have declared that it should not be mentioned at all because of the importance of a strong sanad.

Point here. It is not a fabricated hadith. It falls under Dhaeef(weak) because there was a “technical fault” which if we had to go into the depths of what makes a sanad strong, in there would be almost literally no one  today except a handful who would qualify to narrate hadith in an authentic sanad. Especially those of a group that jump on their “everything is a weak hadith” trampoline. You know who you are.

A part of knowledge is “I don’t know”,humility and acceptance. May Allah make us like our salafus saliheen(pious predecessors) Ameen

Salli Alar Rasul.Tonight’s the night before Jumah.



Unwanted hair(doesn’t include your eyebrows sisters)removed.

Salawaat-Read abundantly


Wear good clothes

Itr-(not paco rabanne, the real deal instead)for men.

Early for Jumah


No music


Duas for the ummah and ourselves scattered through out the day

Spend last moments of Jumah in dua and ibadat and ask for the love of Allah



The Part; The Eleven. Greatest Conversation Ever.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

And so I was there in Madressa for a bit,I am going to fast forward towards the end of that year just to cover a specific lesson with Shaikh Shifu.

Now Shaikh Shifu was our first year Ustadh. The first contact with Ilm and Deen. The one who opened doors in our minds to things we never ever knew. Yet, when we go up to 4th,5th and 6th year then we sometimes(not all of us) regard our first year teachers as “lesser important” than those who teach the major kitabs. This is utterly wrong of us. If it wasn’t for those that put our foot on the first rung of the ladder, we would have never climbed it. I remember one of my senior teachers making dua for his maktab Apa’s. This dua from an Alim who is known internationally. SubhanAllah. How can we regard ourselves as better than anyone?

“Oh Allah,in Your Garden,everyone is a rose and the only thorn is i”

I remember my maktab Apa. An old lady who used to chase us around the class to whack us across the back with her broken ruler. Maybe I can’t remember everything she taught me but she did teach me how to read Quran and Salaah.

Talking of Salaah. 

In Shaikh Shifu’s class,before the night of Israa(Me’raaj)

Shaikh; ” and so Allah Ta’aala took Nabi SAW from Makkah to Jerusalem to the 7heavens, why? To receive this most important gift. When will we understand the value of Salaah? Think over the Israa,read it up and we will understand what is Salaah. Now Nabi SAW passed all and Jibraeel AS stops and cannot go further and Nabi SAW passes Sidratul Muntahaa where no one has passed before. Right infront of Allah, a hnadspan away. (Shaikh shows us the length of a handspan-elbow to palm)The beloved infront of the Beloved. SubhanAllah. And then Nabi SAW says, 

“All compliments, all physical prayer, 
and all worship are for Allah”

and Allah Taa’aa replies;

“Peace be upon you, Oh Prophet, 
and Allah’s mercy and blessings”

And Jibraeel AS from his point,not wanting us to be forgotten implores;

“Peace be on us and on all righteous slaves of Allah”

“This was the greatest conversation ever. Between Allah,His Nabi and His chief Angel and you know what? We get to repeat this blessed conversation every single day in At-Tahiyaat sitting in tashahud.Think of it when you pray and see your salaah come to life.”

The “American Dream”

food for fikr

Think & Be Positive


People in under developed countries see the “American Dream” lifestyle and crave it when there is nothing to it. You basically just work, save money and buy expensive things to be seen by others. To be loved by others in a materialistic way. You aren’t left alone. People are always in your business. The “American Dream” is an illusion which does not bring happiness. It brings comfort. Comfort and happiness are two different feelings. I can go lay in my bed and be comfortable but when I lay in this bed, I am not happy but I am comfortable. Money is nothing but comfort and the “American Dream” is nothing but comfort. It is not happiness. So when they look at this lifestyle, they are seeing something totally different than what we are living here. That is not to say money is bad but it is nothing but comfort. It’s…

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men in orange

The Men in Orange jumpsuits

Flippin’ thru the paper back in 02

Saw a picture which tore my heart thru

’Men in Orange SuitsKicked by bootsOf big white crew-cut

guardsScreamin’ in their faces

Trying to push them prisonersIn their places.

Down on your knees,In a cageUnder the burning sun

It made me rage.No charge, no trial

Day after day passed you by.Your hair turning white,Your pain filled sigh.And me?As the decade rolled onIt was my time in the sun

My pleasure,my life,my funI saw your pictures againAverted my eyes

The music,the movies,the malls

The internet boom, my latest update


All kept me busyMy heart was too dizzyTo stop and feel the pain

You’re my brother.Someone’s son Somewhere a mother Cries all the time.You went in for no crime.

Why can’t I seeit could have been me?

Looking at the pics againYour tears streaming down your face

Their paws shoving food down you.

DarknessIt’s time for you to depart

The men in orange jumpsuitsI won’t just look and wince today

now when I raise my hands to pray.Before I pray for me I ask for you,Oh Allah let them all go free

Let them see the warmth of their homes again

This time I can promise you, I won’t let the lust of the world kill my heart

This time from your conditions, my thoughts from it, will never be far apar

tAnd your torturers..those torturers

For them I praythat their hands are stilled forever.I pray every single day

For the men in orange jumpsuits

via men in orange.

It’s Time Folks…

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem
It’s time to say jazakumullahu khairan- May Allah reward you all well, for being so supportive and ready with good advice. As I stated before, I may not reply to everyone but it certainly is heeded and humbled me ( I hope!). It’s been just past a month since this blog kicked off and what can I say? In a world,where it’s so easy to think everything’s shot to hell and everyone’s dancing to the tune of western media that washes so many minds, there are Still people who are Pro- Deen and happily and humbly so. I learn from you.
May Allah grant you all your greatest desires and save you from what’s not good for you and grant us all death on Imaan.
I am a bit dry on ideas at the mo,so let me know which aspect of Darul Uloom life you want to read about? Or would you prefer the chronological order we have been following?
In the coming week, I will be putting up posts from blogs I enjoy,that caught my eye until I get time to write a post,should be around the 25th of May. InshaAllah
Much Appreciato,

Say: “Peace”

A Random Extremist

‘And the ibaad (slaves) of the Most Merciful are those who walk upon the earth easily, and when the jahiloon (ignorant) address them [harshly], they say salaam “peace”’ [25:63] [1]

Jahl, a.k.a. ignorance, at its root is a simple issue of control. The Jahil is not necessarily the one who is ignorant, I mean Abu Jahl was quite a learned man you know. He was probably the equivalent of the Socrates in Mecca and yet, this is the guy we call “The Father of Jahl”.

Jahl is when you have no restraint over your emotions and behaviour caused by these emotions. There are many times that we are confronted by these sophisticated Jahils or parhay likhay jahil as we lovingly call them in Urdu. What we need to understand is that the fact of ignorance might accompany the fact of impetuousness in these situations but is not the…

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