The Part; The Eight


Back to that weekend.

Tariq looked at me “He is totally wasting his time”

“ Why? Look at how they’re falling over him, daaamn he’s got game” I said,impressed.

Tariq “Yeah ,that he’s got but look at those chicks? Wannabes? Plastered with so much of make up…You know this one bro of mine, he married this girl who Always had make up on,it was amped up for their wedding buut on the their first night when she took all that muck off? He nearly passed out. She looked like another human”

 “Awkward man” I said  intellectually

Tariq; “I believe that the most beautiful girl is the one who is confident, they have this idea that we find them hot if they look like someone else or grow two heads…be yourself man…and put that bloody few strands back under your damn scarf, you look like you not sure if you want to wear the hijab or not…I’m not into the unsure look.”

That was T-Man. Opinionated and most of the time…correct.

“You know Nabeel… a lady who wears that camel hump? Is cursed by RasulAllah SAW,doesn’t mean of the Emiratis are gone all tarties, so should we”

Me “ Wow you’re a poet and you didn’t even know it”

“loser line! There’s our man…looks like he scored..” Tariq said

Ziad; “ The Zee does it again”

“ Do you actually refer to yourself in 3rd person? You should teach me how to be so smooth” I replied baffled by Ziad’s smug expression turning into something more… embarresed.. I turned to see the reason.. It was Hammaad, a 6th year boy.

“Asalamu Alaikum…hows it?” He said “Having fun Nabeel on your first trip out with the boys?”

He knew my name? I felt kinda special. Everyone respected him. He was popular and pious=The lethal ,the combo.

“Yes..Yes..” I stammered slightly awed

He put his arm around Ziad’s neck “Ziad …hows your sister?”

Ziad looked like he was going to have a hernia attack. Started literally spluttering. Hammaad smiled . “I don’t need to know how she is but I need you to know every girl is someone’s daughter or sister…treat every girl with the same respect you want you want for your own. Lower our gaze and Allah will raise our status”

“burrrnt like ash man”  Tariq nudged Ziad as Hammaad left

Ziad; “Oh shut up, not as if they weren’t willing as wildebeest, holier than thou Hammaad.”

I laughed but secretly I agreed with Hammaad. Even if the opposite party has forgotten their self respect ,why should we forget ours?

Monday in class.

I used to think Shaikh Shifu was psychic. He would just look at you and make a comment like…

“ So Nabeel, enjoyed the weekend? Remember good company will bring good thoughts…wanting to be a player isn’t actually on anyone’s list of goals”

Later I understood that some people have firasat and baseerat (insight and vision) they can detect the sins radiating off us.

Shaikh Shifu looked through my soul and said “ The gaze is an arrow from the arrows of shaitan but our heads are so filled with the media we call it cupids arrow, when you restrain your self when you’re young, the doors of nur are thrown wide open to your heart, may Allah help us in this great jihad”





14 thoughts on “The Part; The Eight”

  1. Lets hope all the `wannabes` reading this take heed. `the lethal,the combo,` lol..where do guys come up with this stuff..really enjoying it, keep writing! ALLAH make it a means of hidayah..

  2. “Arrow of arrows of Shaytaan” really hits home. And I know Aalims generally use this one when speaking about lowering the gaze in their Bayaans, but females also have this problem.
    It may not even be a male they are looking at, but even an object that we ‘fall in love with’ and can lead them us to ruin… We too, also need help in this Jihaad. Allah grant us the tawfeeq… Ameen.
    Great stuff.. Masha Allah!

  3. Masha’ﷲ, uя an amazing writer!! Jaza’ka’ﷲ putting it out their that the camel humps r haraam….. Sum girls just can’t seem 2 get it….. It dusnt even look nyc……. اَلسَّلاَمےُعَلَيْكُمےْوَرَحْمَـةُاللَّـهِ وَبَرَكَاتُـﮧ

  4. JazakAllah Khairan Katheer, May Allah Ta’aala reward you all for the encouragement and naseehat and grant me ikhlaas and time to keep this up if it remains beneficial inshaAllah

    Salli alar Rasul…Send Salaam on Nabi SAW abundantly …Friday has arrived

  5. True, lowering the gaze applies to both genders and applicable to more than just that,subhanAllah. May Allah grant us the taufeeq to train our gaze to stay pure

  6. Those camel humps look ridiculous……aalims should go all out to let the muslimah know its haraam,its so crazy that some hijaabis won’t wear the hijaab if they dnt have that hump on.

  7. Asalaamu’Alaikum.
    oh Allah, I am overwhelmed so please help me.
    I’m not sure of the correct arabic recitation of this dua.
    Is it “Allahuma inni maghloobun fantasir?” Or just “Anni maghloobun fantasir”?

  8. Great post and very true, the high fashionable hump is another style in the name of deen. And ironically something islam completly opposes.
    Hamaads words really hit the nail.
    May Allah make this blog a means of hidaayah for All.Ameen

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