Before I went to madressah,I never knew that lowering the gaze was a big deal but oh yeah it Really is.It applies to anything were the eyes are compromised,even if it is texting,billboards,female students,young male students,colleagues,raunchy videos that our eyes fall on in the malls,workers etc May Allah Ta’aala help us in this great Jihad. 

p.s- It is not permissible for us to even look at a person of our own gender that is scantily clad.

1-     Lowering the gaze is obedience to the command of Allaah (interpretation of the meaning): Tell the believing men to lower their gaze (from looking at forbidden things)” [al-Noor 24:30], and obeying the command of Allaah brings ultimate happiness to a person in this world and in the Hereafter.

2-     It purifies the heart and soul and actions.

3-     It prevents the poisoned arrows from reaching you, for a look is one of the poisoned arrows of Iblees.

4-     The one who lowers his gaze is compensated with sweetness of faith in his heart.

5-     He gains sound insight through which he can distinguish truth from falsehood.

6-     He will rid his heart of the pain of feeling that one is missing out, for whoever looks without restraining his glance will always feel that he is missing out.

7-     His heart will be filled with happiness, joy and light that is greater than any pleasure that may be gained by looking.

8-     His will free his heart of the control of desire, for the one who is controlled by his whims and desires is indeed a prisoner.

9-     Lowering the gaze strengthens the mind and increases wisdom, whereas letting the gaze wander freely only makes one follish and heedless of consequences


8 thoughts on “Sweetness…”

  1. May Allah help and guide us all, for the lowering of the gaze truly is one of the greatest tests upon insaan.

  2. Alhamdulillah Allah accept your efforts. Truly this one great jihad. WAllah tru sweetness is found in lowering the gaze. ALLAH help us all.

  3. JazakAllah for this.
    I’ve also heard that by keeping the gaze on the right places and cncentration in Salaah, it will ensure that your gaze out of Salaah is also in check.. Not sure of reference for this but have heard it on several occasions.

  4. Asalamualaykum.wr.wb excellent! jazakallahukhair for sharing. i’ve also heard that for each time one lowers their gaze you will be granted that one more opportunity to view Allah (swt) in Jannah!

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