No matter which Muslim personality is going to be on this cruise and I respect them all, it’s not on.Done.
In the name of Islam we did so many things,to make Deen “appealing” we added music to our nasheeds,we made mocktails,we invented ‘islamic fairs’ we eat macon, sick man. And not the nice sick. How can we even put something called macon down our throats? Are we so unhappy to be Muslim that we have to be kaafir-lite?

Lesser degree of a Muslim? They go out of their way to get halaal certification,yet play music and name their foods such, it’s time we tell the food industry something,you’ve got the power. Whose with me on this? Who will pick up the phone and respectfully object to such names and  this cruise,come on.Whether we believe it will make a diff or not. If we going to all say,where they will listen to us…wasting our time and free minutes… no one will have the chance to Think and make different choices. 

Remember that as a consumer,Allah has blessed us with wielding some clout,use it.

(kaafir is the arabic term for non Muslim,not the derogatory term the white man invented because he thought he was all that.)

Spread the word. For the sake of raising pride in Islam again.


10 thoughts on “justathought#”

  1. 100%… its about time someone said this out aloud! Last week I went to a certain halal certified restaurant. During my meal to my astonishment they started having a live performance with background music and the works. Muslim owners, Muslims patrons… Both equally enjoying. As I hurriedly asked for my food to be packed and left I couldn’t help but feel heartbroken – is this what we have been reduced to? So we openly advertise “*** approved’ and “purdah facilities” to call more people to vice?!

    1. JazakAllah Khair, It is tragic. Do let them know you were disgusted by it. Don’t be silent. The silence of the good,makes evil grow stronger.

  2. May Allah grant our youth the enthusiasm to utilise their energy for the service of Deen.. Agreed with all your sentiments.. Unfortunately though, this was bound to happen and worse still to come as it was prophesised by Rasullullah salallahu alayhi wasallam.. May Allah protect us

  3. Exactly my thoughts. As if Deen is not good enough as it is. As if Islam is not already completely and perfectly balanced. We fit in this and that, just so it’s moderate. We even say, ‘everything needs to be in moderation’, as if it’s not. Dude, Islam is moderation.
    We have definitely become Kaafir-lite.. Whatathing.

  4. In this great time of fitna and fasad, the true reality of taqwa and deen has left the heart of many or most of us… To be able to sell our deen has become the simplest task. The life and culture of a rather dissobedient nation has become more valuble and beloved in the heart of the ummah, espeacially with the teenagers.. Name brands has flooded their lifestyle and the immodest dressing of the western society has become the norm, or rather the fashion statement. That little girl who used to wear a simple home sewn dress in her childhood, now wears skinny pants and the shortest tightest dresses with inners and simply add a matching hijaab and it is so called islamisized.. and also going to extents of posting pictures of herself all over the social world with pay off lines like ” proudly hijaabi ” and ” hijaabi in action”?? have we sold and exchanged our modesty?? this is the unfortunate reality of the muslim ummah. let alone macon and boat cruises, what about the disgraceful “halaal nail polish” that is peelable for ablution and claims to fulfill the huqooq of whudhu?? What about the fact that it is imitating a nation?? unfortunately we have tried and failed, the producers of such things are only interested in making money. When we spoke to them they either have swear us disgracefully or some have spoken with sincerity but none the less continued inventing and producing these products in large numbers. Another despicable example is the kurta’s of bright colours and burberry and so called styles… has this become the ebb we have stooped to? unfortunately all we can do is complain to Allah and give Dawah in a polite manner or make duaa for the plight of this ummah….. May Allah save us from this time of fitna.. Ameen

  5. Very well put by pathwaytopalestine.even the hijab and niqab has to be draped with the bedoon essm and sharqia e.t.c.so instead of following the sunnah in its purity we follow these brands are we not happy to follow the sunnah without these labels.Allah keep us steadfast and content on sunnah in its purity

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