The Part; The Ten. football,friends and tempers.

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

So I tried being kinder towards Nu’maan but it was like being nice to a demented goat. Like the one Eidhul Adha, I was trying to feed the darn goat and instead of being nice and grateful, it butted me once then chased me around the yard. So I decided to all out ignore the goat.The human one who was my room mate,not the one that chased me.

That is why, we should keep trying to do things Only for Allah Ta’aala alone. It Is hard to get to that stage but not impossible. And when you not doing good turns to others to impress, gain favour, make them act nice towards you? You will be at peace, especially when they treat you like crap. Even for our parents and spouses, it is sawaab to make them happy, but they too disappoint us at times, so let’s make a niyyah (intention) we will do this because to make them happy is a hukam (law) of Allah.

“Handsome!! Salaam! How are you???Call me back!!” I shouted in excitement at my one and only best homie,Yusuf the Handsome.

“Heyyy my man! How are you?? What’s good in the hood bro? You dealing with Uloom okay?” Yusuf asked

 “Yeah well it’s not so bad…You have your off days and good days…hey why you talking funny?”

He laughed “I put on braces,it’s hectic, so when you coming down man?”

“InshaAllah in the next 4weeks I’ll be home, can’t wait! Let’s paint the town red!” I said already anticipating a heroes welcome

“You didn’t change man, I thought you’d be all Moulana’d up by now and giving me naseeha bro, the guys all miss you” I could hear his smile

I was silent for 2seconds. “Then why don’t they call?” I asked

“Well they are just damn lazy or stingy, you know guys are not wired to phone other guys yeah and they can’t text you coz you don’t have your phone” He said

“Well what are you then? A drag queen?”

“It’s dif with us Nabeel,you’re my bro man, extra special with a side order of mad. So tell me something you learned? Don’t hog all that ilm to yourself” He diffused my rising temper.

That was the Handsome I knew,it always surprised us both that I was the one that went off to Darul Uloom when he was the one always thirsting for Ilm. We spoke for a bit more.

“Right Handsome,check you We’re going to play footy now” I informed him

“You’ll play footy? I thought only you allowed to play fatwa…footwa” He joked


“You kicked me! You kicked me on purpose!”Tariq screamed into Nazir’s face.

“No I didn’t” Nazir insisted looking up at Tariq. Nazir was a scrawny chap,somewhere around 15years old and the kind that’s always tailing everyone and listening in when he wasn’t supposed to. We used to call him, Tabi’(Follower)

“Does my leg look like a soccer ball to you??” Tariq yelled

“Well…if you lost some weight maybe it wouldn’t…you should try dieting, you play like a Man U player,loser” Said the smart alec

“uh oh” a bunch of us chorused as Tariq lit into Nazir but before he could land a solid punch,Nazir tripped him. Tariq ran behind him and suddenly it became a free for all ,well not a free for all but 3 other guys joined Tariq, two out to get their revenge on the kid who tattled on them to the Asaatizah and the other 2 who hated ManU been dissed. Now can you imagine what 4 guys would have done to Nazir who could have passed for a stick figure and made anyone look fat? Crushed him.

In class

“What controls our emotions? What makes us happy and sad? We don’t find the pure humour of Nabi SAW appealing because our sense of humour has been tainted. We find mockery funny. We find shamelessness funny.

Sports make us happy and sad. When our team wins,we act as if benefited from their win. We can smile and show our teeth for 3days and if they lose? Oh no, we are angry,grumpy even snap at our wives and mothers because even the food doesn’t taste right then. How Stupid are we?” My Ustadh asked.

“How many people got hurt and killed for supporting a team that someone else didn’t like? No one must insult “Your” player, “Your man.”Most of these players live such filthy lives, they wouldn’t even spit on you if you were on fire,they don’t care about you,why are you wasting your emotions on them? Why can’t we get so worked up about the Sahaba (Companions of Nabi SAW)RA when the shia’s revile them and speak ill of them?”

“Aaah! You little #^%$*” Tariq was almost blue in the face when suddenly Hammad burst through them and tackled Tariq to the ground causing the other guys to fall.

“Time out! Read A’oozu,do you’ll want this to go to the Asaatizah? Cool down. This is no way to solve a foolish argument. Nazir,come here and apologise and you guys apologise too and if I hear of anything more, I will report you”

The guys all muttered sorry, as Tariq walked away ,he slowed down till Hammad was infront of him and turned to Nazir and mouthed

“I’ll get you.”


6 thoughts on “The Part; The Ten. football,friends and tempers.”

  1. Alhumdulillah. Good lessons. In a world where getting the last say is vital, we got to step back and realise what the Sunnah teaches.
    Since the Shias were mentioned, would be good to hear more. Rumour has it they’re taking over SA, luring in masses with financial rewards… Much more info where that came from.
    Allah Ta’ala save us and keep us steadfast. Ameen.

  2. With all the controversy about Salafis, we prefer not to delve into it. However, as we have mentioned, the Shiahs are definitely standing as a threat and we do think that these issues should be addressed. If Ml prefers not to post, no problem, but will post here and it can thereafter be removed.

    During our second tour of Shaikh Mumtazul Haqq Malik of the UK (11-24 March 2014) of the major provinces of South Africa, in the days before and the days after, we heard first-hand anecdotal evidence, and experienced some sticky situations ourselves, on the extent of Shi’ism in South Africa. Our purpose was merely to embark on a lecture tour in order to conscientise the Muslims of SA on the dangerous doctrinal aspects of Shi’ism, but we encountered much more than we bargained for. We scratched a wound, revealing a huge abscess behind it!

    We will summarise here our experience for the benefit of the Muslims of South Africa, many of whom are ignorant of the true agenda of Shi’ism just as we were before this, so that we may all become aware of the time-bomb upon which we sit. Firstly, we must understand that the lightning spread of Shi’ism in SA is not random. It’s well-calculated, well-funded, and well-monitored. It has specific outcomes which we can summarise thus:

    1. To corrode the Iman (faith) of Sunni Muslims from within and to convert us to the open disbelief of Shi’ism;
    2. To allegedly work as a third-force in the political instability of SA;
    3. To penetrate all levels of society in SA, including the security apparatus, and to ensure that the Muslims of SA and internationally, never ideologically, politically, or socially unite and become a force powerful enough to be reckoned with.

    Because there is unanimity that the Twelver Shi’ahs (the dominant sect of Shi’ism) are disbelievers, the acceptance of Shi’ism in our community or being sympathetic towards them will have grave religious and legal consequences on our life which may be difficult to deal with, if we do not act now. These are as follows:

    1. Marriage with them will not be accepted in Islam, and nor can cordial family relationships be upkept with them. Entire families will be put under strain;
    2. They can not be allowed in our graveyards, nor can our undertaking services be used for them;
    3. They will not be allowed in our Masjids for salaat purposes, to solemnise their marriages or to conduct any educational or social/welfare programmes;
    4. Policies will be needed to be put in place on whether to accept or reject Shi’ahs in our Muslim Schools and Madrasahs, and to structure our syllabus accordingly. Similar attitudes will have to be worked as to how to do business with them, and to what extent. In addition to this, the Constitutions of our Masaajid and other religious institutions will have to be amended so as to excluded people belonging to the Ja’fari Fiqh or Shi’ah creed on our Boards;
    5. Shi’ah criminals have also started to fill our prisons. A prominent Shi’ah of Cape Town implicated in Hajj and ‘Umrah scams, is currently serving a sentence behind bars. Do we grant them the same privileges as Muslim prisoners?;
    6. The meat slaughtered by Shi’ahs will not be acceptable, and their restaurants will not be able to be certified by our halaal bodies;
    7. The donor community will have to be appraised as to who should their donations go to and who not. Also, our religious institutes will have to carefully screen from whom they accept donations and if donors have a say in the policies and administration of their institutions.

    We at Islamic Awakening (IA), Ahlus Sunnah Defence League (ADL), and Darul Islam Task Team (DITT) together with all those who support us, advocate for the non-violent, but brave, responsible and persuasive educational and academic challenge against Shi’ism and all ideologies that fall out of the ambit of the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama’ah – the pathway of the 72 sects who don’t follow the pathway of our Master, Nabi Muhammad (SAW) and that of his illustrious Sahabah. We believe that every Muslim should know of the ugly beliefs of Shi’ism from its original sources, and save their iman (faith) and lives from eternal ruin. This is in keeping with the Qur’anic injunction of Amr bil-Ma’ruf wan Nahy ‘anil Munkar (Advocating the Truth and forbidding the Evil) binding on every person, ‘Aalim or non-‘Aalim. We also maintain that Shi’ism is not a benign or passive sect minding their own business as do other religions, but an active cult with obnoxious motives.

    Shi’ism was a creation of the Persians in the time of Sayyadina ‘Umar (RA) with the aid of any of the enemies of Islam willing to work with them at any given time in history, to ensure that Islam never becomes a political or ideological force in the world. They are the enemy within, politically cloaked in the garb of being “the oppressed nations”, ideologically garbed as being “lovers of the Prophetic household,” and currently being hailed as being the “champions of Muslim unity and opposition to the West.” They are masters of sloganeering and deception. The purpose of their formation was solely to destroy Islam from within when the Persians and the Jews realised that Muslims had become a strong military and political force which could not be simply conquered on the battle-field.

    Historically, the Shi’ahs have never initiated nor fought any wars against non-Muslims – all their wars have been fought against Sunni Muslims. Three of the four Rightly-Guided Caliphs were killed due to Shi’i machinations, they poisoned Imam Hasan (RA) for abdicating power to Ameer Mu’awiyah (RA), they betrayed Imam Hussein in his claim against Yazeed, they were responsible for the fall of the Umayyads and they invited the Mongols to sack the Abbasid Capital, Baghdad. They broke up the Ottoman Empire by creating a Safavid State in Persia, and the Fatimids similarly broke up Abbasid unity in Egypt. Today, they are very much aligned to the Zionist notion of creating a crescent from the Nile to the Euphrates which would set the stage for the

    There is also an article on The Sunni-Shiah situation in Iraq. Do have a look.

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