It’s Time Folks…

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem
It’s time to say jazakumullahu khairan- May Allah reward you all well, for being so supportive and ready with good advice. As I stated before, I may not reply to everyone but it certainly is heeded and humbled me ( I hope!). It’s been just past a month since this blog kicked off and what can I say? In a world,where it’s so easy to think everything’s shot to hell and everyone’s dancing to the tune of western media that washes so many minds, there are Still people who are Pro- Deen and happily and humbly so. I learn from you.
May Allah grant you all your greatest desires and save you from what’s not good for you and grant us all death on Imaan.
I am a bit dry on ideas at the mo,so let me know which aspect of Darul Uloom life you want to read about? Or would you prefer the chronological order we have been following?
In the coming week, I will be putting up posts from blogs I enjoy,that caught my eye until I get time to write a post,should be around the 25th of May. InshaAllah
Much Appreciato,

6 thoughts on “It’s Time Folks…”

  1. to the people who commented earlier,maaf it got lost in the post update mess up. You can try again
    To the person that sent the bayaan,please audio format it and resend,it will be of great benefit inshaAllah

  2. Im un able to paste the audio here. Its quite simple to convert it. Click on this link:

    You will see a box that says `enter youtube url’. All you do is copy and paste the following url:

    And click on ‘go’
    Thats it! Probably takes 5 seconds and the audio will be available to download. But in case it doesnt work for you, heres a no picture video
    May it be of benefit and may Allah Ta’ala make us ghuraba
    N.b no need to publish this comment

  3. I would very much like to read anecdotes of the clean fun that’s to be had in madz so as to convey the msg that fun anf light hearted moments are very much possible in a islamic way.

  4. وَأَنْتُمْ فَجَزَاكُمُ اللَّهُ خَيْرًا

    We’d like to hear about the trouble part…the kind that has you shaking in your shoes when it happens and looking back with a smile while shaking your head years later. Silly pranks that you take for granted as an ignorant student and realise the great impact of when you’ve learned more. Maybe a little bit on khidmat? Or the student who sleeps through the lessons? Or how naseehat means a different thing when you’re in first year from what it does when you’re in final year? Please give us some of the advice which the asaatidhah gave so that we too can benefit insha’Allah. May Allah accept your efforts and keep you steadfast and sincere. Aameen

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