Say: “Peace”

A Random Extremist

‘And the ibaad (slaves) of the Most Merciful are those who walk upon the earth easily, and when the jahiloon (ignorant) address them [harshly], they say salaam “peace”’ [25:63] [1]

Jahl, a.k.a. ignorance, at its root is a simple issue of control. The Jahil is not necessarily the one who is ignorant, I mean Abu Jahl was quite a learned man you know. He was probably the equivalent of the Socrates in Mecca and yet, this is the guy we call “The Father of Jahl”.

Jahl is when you have no restraint over your emotions and behaviour caused by these emotions. There are many times that we are confronted by these sophisticated Jahils or parhay likhay jahil as we lovingly call them in Urdu. What we need to understand is that the fact of ignorance might accompany the fact of impetuousness in these situations but is not the…

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5 thoughts on “Say: “Peace””

  1. Awsome blog MashALLAH … ان شاء اللّه ALLAH Grnt us awl pious hubbyz like u ان شاء اللّه … آمِيْن يَارَبَّ الْعَالَمِينْ …. XxxTS

    1. now That is a tad weird comment to make. On a social forum, we all are airbrushed versions of ourselves. Some restraint would be becoming my wife would say.

  2. Aalimah’s Workshop 2014

    Calling on all Darul Uloom graduates, Undergraduates, Muallimahs, teachers, Madressah Apa’s, Ustaadah’s, mothers and sisters involved in teaching, socialwork, youth development and community upliftment projects.

    Its time we all sit down and interact, network, make connections and grow the bonds of sisterhood amongst us inshaAllah

    So join us, as we gather sisters from all over Gauteng… and do just that! InshaAllah

    Where: Klipspruit West Masjid
    When: Saturday 24th May 2014
    Time: 10:30am for 11am sharp

    Topics include:

    *how to deal with common challenges that arise daily in the field
    *ikhlaas and staying focused
    *adopt a sister -mentorship for new apa’s
    *networking and unity
    *value and status of a teacher of deen
    *down madressah memory lane
    *nasheeds (from way back too hehe)

    Azaads (MTB), Zak Park (MMI) Eldos (
    Capetown (FTZ) Roshnee(MMB).. All being represented! Come and represent ur Mads too!

    Lunch will be served

    Apa Badronisa Mohamed -0789233178
    Apa Zainab Khoele- 0823135327. Pls bc جزاك الله خير

  3. Assalaamu Alaykum.

    To the sisters on this blog: Please don’t allow your hayaa to depart. There is nothing more beautiful in a Muslim, male or female, than modesty and shame, but especially so in women.

    Allah has given Muslim women such honour that even salaah in their homes are more valuable than salaah in Masjidun Nabawi. Like a priceless gemstone, our females are of more worth inside than they are outside. So let’s not spoil this precious gift of modesty by open flirting on internet sites.

    Alhamdulillah, the brother- with the assistance of Allah- has developed an inspiring and motivating blog. It seems that most of the readers here are aalim(ah)s. Be aware that Shaytaan tries a thousand times harder to deviate those of you who are ulamaa’ than he does with the rest of the world.

    Your knowledge gives you power over him but makes you a target too. Let’s not give him the upperhand by allowing the blog to become a pathway for haraam thoughts. We should rather read it, take benefit and give valuable input if we can, but try and practise on the hadeeth: ‘speak good or keep silent’.

    Text is no difference from speech. Behaviour, actions and habits can all be transparent through text messages. The sin is just as real as it would be were the person standing in front of us.

    May Allah forgive us and safeguard us against Shaytaan and the evil whisperings of our souls. Aameen.

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