men in orange

The Men in Orange jumpsuits

Flippin’ thru the paper back in 02

Saw a picture which tore my heart thru

’Men in Orange SuitsKicked by bootsOf big white crew-cut

guardsScreamin’ in their faces

Trying to push them prisonersIn their places.

Down on your knees,In a cageUnder the burning sun

It made me rage.No charge, no trial

Day after day passed you by.Your hair turning white,Your pain filled sigh.And me?As the decade rolled onIt was my time in the sun

My pleasure,my life,my funI saw your pictures againAverted my eyes

The music,the movies,the malls

The internet boom, my latest update


All kept me busyMy heart was too dizzyTo stop and feel the pain

You’re my brother.Someone’s son Somewhere a mother Cries all the time.You went in for no crime.

Why can’t I seeit could have been me?

Looking at the pics againYour tears streaming down your face

Their paws shoving food down you.

DarknessIt’s time for you to depart

The men in orange jumpsuitsI won’t just look and wince today

now when I raise my hands to pray.Before I pray for me I ask for you,Oh Allah let them all go free

Let them see the warmth of their homes again

This time I can promise you, I won’t let the lust of the world kill my heart

This time from your conditions, my thoughts from it, will never be far apar

tAnd your torturers..those torturers

For them I praythat their hands are stilled forever.I pray every single day

For the men in orange jumpsuits

via men in orange.

9 thoughts on “men in orange”

  1. I want to throw this question out and ask, what have we done for the Muslim Prisoners,whoever and wherever they may be ? Do let us know, everyone’s anon here so your action inshaAllah can encourage others. Whether it’s dua,writing in,sigining a petition,fasting.Something else? Let’s hear from you,or do we just sit concerned but l a z y

  2. Sadly, I, personally, have done nothing but make Du’aa. But yet, Du’aa is the weapon of the believer. We can’t ever underestimate it’s power. A lot of people ask, what can we do? The thing is, we are caught up in our our little perfect worlds and bubbles, that we fail to even take the effort to try. Maybe we need some advice on how to do it? Where do we start?

  3. I clicked over to the blog you mentioned here. Theres a letter from the wife of a 26 year old who was made shaheed during the riots in egypt last year.. subhanAllah.. deeply moved and saddened. We are so complacent because our husbands are safe, we are comfortable to just make a quick duaa and carry with our lives.. What if it was our husband, brother or son? Can you comprehend what this young widow is going through? What about the one year old daughter thar now has no father? Just recently ml abdul hamid sahed was prevented from boarding a plane to come here ( US)…there is no limit to the oppression of the enemies of Islaam. sister journeyadmin asked where to start? SubhanAllah you guys have a platform, lets utilise it to make a difference. Munch, journeyadmin, silentliving, pathwaytopalestine,gujigirl,veiledprincess and others… join forces, start a petition, you guys have followers in numerous countries.. inshaAllah it will make a difference, even if the only thing gained is uniting the ummah for a noble more can we be content to watch from the sidelines..we have to stand up and speak out against those who opress, we’ll take Islaam and we’ll take no less!!munch said it right, its time,folks…inshaAllah i plegde the first signature..wa ma taufiqi illah billah

  4. Dua. Signing petitions and sadly sometimes nothing. I see,when it came to the drama n stories,tons of ppl commented but dont respond to a q like this,why? Are the muslims not one body? Or u choose not to care?

  5. I think the sister has made the right decision and very good points of signing a petition,duaa is also important bt we have to change our lives and bring deen back to South Africa,how can we continue doing haraam and we have our bro and sis in other parts of the world fighting for this deen that we’ve thrown away?also I think our men shud join the jihaad as difficult as it may be to let go we have to let them go and protect our children and mothers in other countries and if the whole ummah join,and we have Allah on our side how cna we lose?also our lives have to be such like the sahaba ikraam and Nabi(saw) then only will victory be ours like Badr,Uhud etc…..

  6. It’s scary how we keep forgetting. I wrote something a while back when Fowzia Siddiqui (Dr Aafia’s sister) was in SA. It was about how actions speak louder than words:

    But unfortunately, that’s all it was- just more words. Because when it came to the crunch, there’s nothing else we did. We just get so lost in our own lives that we fail to see the bigger picture. While du’aa definitely has great benefit, we’re always so scared and hypocritical that we can do no more.

    We NEED to. Our ummah is rich with youth. We have so much potential if we really try and make use of the ilm and opportunity that we’re given. Let’s do something please. We’re wasting our time sitting around and watching the world pass us by.

  7. Assalaamu’alaykum.

    The brothers and sisters have raised very relevant points.

    Please read the article on my blog at this address:

    And anyone who is willing to and really serious about assisting in any way, please forward suggestions or your desire to join to the email address provided there.

    May Allah safeguard the ummah against our own weaknesses. Aameen.

  8. Duaa…the thing that is lacking amongst us is duaa. We need to make sincere duaa with Yaqeen…hope from Allah..if we put our trust in Allah, inshaAllah, we will see our efforts bloom.
    Regarding Aafia Siddique..well I don’t know. If the Muslim Ummah becomes united, something can be done..but unfortunately we doing nothing…this petition thing..maybe it should be started..Allah help all the Muslims suffering all over the World. Aameen…

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