Shaitan’s football=anger

Shaitan's football=anger

7 thoughts on “Shaitan’s football=anger”

  1. it is tragic that not many responded to the question thrown out,come on. Where are the brothers?? What do we do for the Muslim prisoners? We need motivation and JazakAllah khair to all that responded under the last post. InshaAllah we will try to be more active collectively.

  2. I’ve read the replies and feel that whatever small thing I can do, I will. Will check out those links, as soon as time allows. Let’s hope we get more ideas and feedback.

  3. With online petition organization ‘avaaz’ you can create a petition for a specific cause e.g force someone in power to release a prisoner. The last I heard Dr Aafiyah Siddiqi was supposed to be released by the US to the pakistani government. Since then I haven’t heard anything. So maybe something along those lines? Its just a suggestion…

  4. Ditto,exactly what i meant! We need to do this, like a previous commentor said.. we have much to say and write but sadly its just words…when we put our words into actions then only will we see changes inshaAllah… reminds me of a hadith that says something to the effect that when we see something wrong we should try and stop it with our hands, if we cannot do that, then prevent it with our tongues, and if we are unable to do that even, then atleast feel remorse in our hearts but that is the weakest form of faith…please correct if i have erred but it jus shows that our unwillingness to do anything is a testimony to the weakness of our Imaan… i say start the petition and bi iznillah it will make a diff…

  5. salaams,
    Alhamdullilah here in the UK we have many things we can do to help and make the lives of our brothers and sisters in prisons a little comforting knowing there are people who do care and remember them. There are many ulemas working with these prisoners and many charities who are helping them and there families. one charity specifically aims to help them and make their stories heard to people. The charity is called CAGE. If anyone is interested pleas do visit their website. May Allah help all those in need and may He ease their suffering. wasalaams.

  6. SubhaanAllah,the zeal of those in worry of making a difference in the lives of our respected Brothers and sisters who are undergoing such hardship ,the worry that is expressed is deeply admirable.Agree with Almondjoy and others who so entusiastically encouraged everyone to wake up and make a difference.Let’s hope that all those who make effort is rewarded and our beloved brothers and sisiters are eased from their pain.We wish to share the advise that our Respected Ustaadh gives us when fikr and worry is for our Ikhwaanul muslimeen in Takhleef.That before we can lift a finger to start a petition organisatin or a charity organisation ask anyone who has commented or intended to comment :which of us has awaken for Tahajud in these winters nights and shed atleast a tear for the state of our respected ikhwaan and akhawaat,which of us has read two rakaats of salaatul hajaat ,that oh Allah,help the prisoners ,those in war….Which of us kept a fast ,or gave sadaqah even a one rand ,so that Allah can ease their suffering???? Respected Brothers and sisters in islaam yes go ahead with petition ,Alhumdulillah we have zealous ppl intending to aid the suffering,but my beloved bro and sisters have we turned to A’maal? Have we gained from the khazaain of Allah through salaah? In fikr and worry of difficulty ,we should together with starting this online petiton organisation ,let us all divert our attenstion to Allah,gain the aid of Allah tru A’maal,ask Allah to help our respected prisoners.Coz they may not be near us to go by them,but a duaa can can were even we cannot.let us start an initiative ,there is about 190 followers of this blog,if each one recites only one juz of qur’aan for the help of Allah to cum for the priosners then we will finish approxiametly 6 khathams of qur’aan for our brothers in need.Come on respected brothers and sisters lets turn to A’maal.who is ready?

    _May Allah forgive us for mentioning anything displeasing to Allah.
    wa maa thaufeeqi illah billah-Allahumahdinnaasa jamee’aa!
    taqabalallahu minna wa minkum..

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