The “American Dream”

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People in under developed countries see the “American Dream” lifestyle and crave it when there is nothing to it. You basically just work, save money and buy expensive things to be seen by others. To be loved by others in a materialistic way. You aren’t left alone. People are always in your business. The “American Dream” is an illusion which does not bring happiness. It brings comfort. Comfort and happiness are two different feelings. I can go lay in my bed and be comfortable but when I lay in this bed, I am not happy but I am comfortable. Money is nothing but comfort and the “American Dream” is nothing but comfort. It is not happiness. So when they look at this lifestyle, they are seeing something totally different than what we are living here. That is not to say money is bad but it is nothing but comfort. It’s…

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4 thoughts on “The “American Dream””

  1. Subhanal Malikil Quddoos,the deep fikr of those who care for their muslim brothers and sisters,Like We should! InshaAllah, I am thinking over a point of action using blogging, still waitng for the bros, Dhiraar? Aswad? Saif>

  2. I think mln shud bring in Imaan e Muzaakirah, write of da recognition of Allah(swt) mk it a imaan rising blog. Mln shud try nd write way that will attract da eyes bt effects da heart…. And @ the end evryone shud hv full yaqeen dat Allah does with mean,without means and against means… And dat da money ,leisure nd comfort of dis dunya is temporary…nd our tru maqsath shud b da pleasure of Jannatul firdaws…. InshaAllah
    May Allah mk it easy InshaAllah!
    Rabbana taqabal minna…….

  3. Interestingly enough, i find south africans to be much more materialistic and extravagant than most Americans, generally speaking of course but more so amongst the Muslims. People here are much more easy going when it comes to functions, get togethers, fashion sa its a sacrileage to serve guests in paper plates and styrofoam cups for eid or weddings, u cannot jus serve cake— it has to be seven layers, red velvet or something fancy schmancy…clothing has to be latest adorned with swarovski etc. It is common to own multiple mansions etc, extravagance takes precedence over practicality and for what?? The american dream is nothing but an illusion, famous words uttered by a famous man. If you happen to visit the average american at a function, you will most likely be served in disposable plates *spit* buffet style *cough* with store bought cake *run* cos aint no maids gonna be washin those dishes for you lol. Its true americans do everything themselves *shock* and not just house work.. painting, maintenance,landscaping, gardening etc. If this is the `dream` then somebody better wake me up and fast! :-)Sadly though, south african muslims are leading the way to this percieved `dream`.. i mean when a girl has to cough up thousands to be clad in hijab to fit in with her fellow branded hijaabis, you know we`re in far is too far? How much is enough? Seems like we just keep raising the bar of israaf in pursuit of finding happiness in a false dream forgetting we already have the keys to unlocking in our perfect Deen…

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