The Part; The Eleven. Greatest Conversation Ever.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

And so I was there in Madressa for a bit,I am going to fast forward towards the end of that year just to cover a specific lesson with Shaikh Shifu.

Now Shaikh Shifu was our first year Ustadh. The first contact with Ilm and Deen. The one who opened doors in our minds to things we never ever knew. Yet, when we go up to 4th,5th and 6th year then we sometimes(not all of us) regard our first year teachers as “lesser important” than those who teach the major kitabs. This is utterly wrong of us. If it wasn’t for those that put our foot on the first rung of the ladder, we would have never climbed it. I remember one of my senior teachers making dua for his maktab Apa’s. This dua from an Alim who is known internationally. SubhanAllah. How can we regard ourselves as better than anyone?

“Oh Allah,in Your Garden,everyone is a rose and the only thorn is i”

I remember my maktab Apa. An old lady who used to chase us around the class to whack us across the back with her broken ruler. Maybe I can’t remember everything she taught me but she did teach me how to read Quran and Salaah.

Talking of Salaah. 

In Shaikh Shifu’s class,before the night of Israa(Me’raaj)

Shaikh; ” and so Allah Ta’aala took Nabi SAW from Makkah to Jerusalem to the 7heavens, why? To receive this most important gift. When will we understand the value of Salaah? Think over the Israa,read it up and we will understand what is Salaah. Now Nabi SAW passed all and Jibraeel AS stops and cannot go further and Nabi SAW passes Sidratul Muntahaa where no one has passed before. Right infront of Allah, a hnadspan away. (Shaikh shows us the length of a handspan-elbow to palm)The beloved infront of the Beloved. SubhanAllah. And then Nabi SAW says, 

“All compliments, all physical prayer, 
and all worship are for Allah”

and Allah Taa’aa replies;

“Peace be upon you, Oh Prophet, 
and Allah’s mercy and blessings”

And Jibraeel AS from his point,not wanting us to be forgotten implores;

“Peace be on us and on all righteous slaves of Allah”

“This was the greatest conversation ever. Between Allah,His Nabi and His chief Angel and you know what? We get to repeat this blessed conversation every single day in At-Tahiyaat sitting in tashahud.Think of it when you pray and see your salaah come to life.”

12 thoughts on “The Part; The Eleven. Greatest Conversation Ever.”

  1. Salaams….was wondering if this story of miraj is actually authentic??…the one about jibreel alayhis salaam….does it appear in any hadith book?

  2. Inspirational but don’t u wna tl us mor of madressa life example….going to the mass on a friday and the buzz ..waytin in line 4 food..havin to bath with buckets.. Errm the different students the thais, the americans …. How nice it is to basically live wit ur frindz. The nawty thingz url get up2 goin out on thursday nights…the gay boys! Lol..the fun times in madressa

    1. we have had quite a bit of that. Sometimes it’s important to focus on the spiritual building. If entertainment is all we seek, then there are lots of blogs available for that.

  3. I’m nt sure but regarding the authenticity of the above story of tashahud sum1 sent me da ffg: This incident has been widely quoted.

    Among others, Faqih Abul Layth (rahimahullah) has cited it with an incomplete chain in Tambihul Ghafilin, pg.396

    ‘Allamah ‘Ayni (rahimahullah) has mentioned that Imam Farwadi has reported it in his book: ‘Thawabul; ‘ibadat‘ (See Al-Binayah, vol.2 pg.308)

    However, several senior Muhaddithun (hadith masters) of the recent past were unable to locate its chain. These seniors include Shaykh Anwar Shah Al-Kashmiri, Al-Muhaddith Shabbir Ahmad ‘Uthmani & Shaykh Muhammad Yusuf Binnori (rahimahumullah).

    One should avoid quoting such narrations until their chains are located and/or their authenticity is verified.

    When reciting the tashahhud, the fuqaha (Jurists) state that one should not have the intention of following the above incident.


    Ma’arifus Sunan, vol.3 pg.86 , ‘Arfush Shadhy, vol.1 pg.70 & Fathul Mulhim, vol.3 pg.422


    And Allah Ta’ala Knows best,


  4. I’ve also heard from my respected ustaadh daamat barakatuhu that the above incident is not authentic and is not found in any of the ahaadeeth kitaabs. And Allah ta’aalah knows best

  5. I have also been taught that the narration that At-Tahiyyat took place in Mi’raaj is not ‘thabit’
    & الله knows best

  6. *correction
    I have also been taught by my ustadh that the narration that At-Tahiyyat took place in Mi’raaj is not ‘saheeh’
    & الله knows best

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