the humility of an Alim- Addendum

JazakAllah Khair to the brother who queried regarding the authenticity of the origins of At-Tahiyaat. And the others who contributed to that. I contacted my Ustaz regarding that.

And guess what? He thanked me for calling him and asking. He said that he did go on to correct it in later years or rather he added along  that this was the narration he had learnt but it comes from a riwaayat(narration) with an incomplete “sanad”(chain of narration). So he said that it was his fault and Apologized that he did not mention that when I was in class and some Ulama have declared that it should not be mentioned at all because of the importance of a strong sanad.

Point here. It is not a fabricated hadith. It falls under Dhaeef(weak) because there was a “technical fault” which if we had to go into the depths of what makes a sanad strong, in there would be almost literally no one  today except a handful who would qualify to narrate hadith in an authentic sanad. Especially those of a group that jump on their “everything is a weak hadith” trampoline. You know who you are.

A part of knowledge is “I don’t know”,humility and acceptance. May Allah make us like our salafus saliheen(pious predecessors) Ameen

Salli Alar Rasul.Tonight’s the night before Jumah.



Unwanted hair(doesn’t include your eyebrows sisters)removed.

Salawaat-Read abundantly


Wear good clothes

Itr-(not paco rabanne, the real deal instead)for men.

Early for Jumah


No music


Duas for the ummah and ourselves scattered through out the day

Spend last moments of Jumah in dua and ibadat and ask for the love of Allah



5 thoughts on “the humility of an Alim- Addendum”

  1. Assalaam
    Maaf firstly I just want to apologise for my very random question that has nothing to do about this post or blog. Alhamdulillah, some men have been coming home to “see me”. I just want to know the proper way in which a “samoosa run” is done and when does the female actually read istikhaara? I’m very confused as I heard you read before, and then from that night and also heard that the woman only reads istikhaara after the man has read his and given he’s answer if positive.

    I’d really appreciate if I could get some clarity on this.


    1. The best method adviced by Ulama is that the boy makes istikhara (whether to go and see her)and “researches” the girl before going to her home. The girl should make istikhara (whether to allow him to come) and research the boy before allowing him home. In this way, “unnecessary” meetings and wasted samoosa’s wont happen, insha’Allah and if it is not meant to be, then you consulted with Allah at every step and your efforts will not go in vain.
      If the boy,after meeting ,then proposes, then the girl should consult with family,research more and make istikhara. May Allah guide us all to the correct decisions.
      Istikhara should be followed on what you Feel and are inclined to. If you don’t dream,it’s fine.

      In the time of the Sahaba RA, they would only see each other and no conversation was held.
      Similarly was the times of our grandfolks. Today because of circumstances,Ulama have given leeway for the boy and girl to speak, however they should not be in seclusion. Hope this is of some help.

  2. JazakAllah and very informative blog mashaAllah.
    May Allah give us all hidayah and make us amongst the saaliheen. Ameen.

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