The Part; The Ten. football,friends and tempers.

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

So I tried being kinder towards Nu’maan but it was like being nice to a demented goat. Like the one Eidhul Adha, I was trying to feed the darn goat and instead of being nice and grateful, it butted me once then chased me around the yard. So I decided to all out ignore the goat.The human one who was my room mate,not the one that chased me.

That is why, we should keep trying to do things Only for Allah Ta’aala alone. It Is hard to get to that stage but not impossible. And when you not doing good turns to others to impress, gain favour, make them act nice towards you? You will be at peace, especially when they treat you like crap. Even for our parents and spouses, it is sawaab to make them happy, but they too disappoint us at times, so let’s make a niyyah (intention) we will do this because to make them happy is a hukam (law) of Allah.

“Handsome!! Salaam! How are you???Call me back!!” I shouted in excitement at my one and only best homie,Yusuf the Handsome.

“Heyyy my man! How are you?? What’s good in the hood bro? You dealing with Uloom okay?” Yusuf asked

 “Yeah well it’s not so bad…You have your off days and good days…hey why you talking funny?”

He laughed “I put on braces,it’s hectic, so when you coming down man?”

“InshaAllah in the next 4weeks I’ll be home, can’t wait! Let’s paint the town red!” I said already anticipating a heroes welcome

“You didn’t change man, I thought you’d be all Moulana’d up by now and giving me naseeha bro, the guys all miss you” I could hear his smile

I was silent for 2seconds. “Then why don’t they call?” I asked

“Well they are just damn lazy or stingy, you know guys are not wired to phone other guys yeah and they can’t text you coz you don’t have your phone” He said

“Well what are you then? A drag queen?”

“It’s dif with us Nabeel,you’re my bro man, extra special with a side order of mad. So tell me something you learned? Don’t hog all that ilm to yourself” He diffused my rising temper.

That was the Handsome I knew,it always surprised us both that I was the one that went off to Darul Uloom when he was the one always thirsting for Ilm. We spoke for a bit more.

“Right Handsome,check you We’re going to play footy now” I informed him

“You’ll play footy? I thought only you allowed to play fatwa…footwa” He joked


“You kicked me! You kicked me on purpose!”Tariq screamed into Nazir’s face.

“No I didn’t” Nazir insisted looking up at Tariq. Nazir was a scrawny chap,somewhere around 15years old and the kind that’s always tailing everyone and listening in when he wasn’t supposed to. We used to call him, Tabi’(Follower)

“Does my leg look like a soccer ball to you??” Tariq yelled

“Well…if you lost some weight maybe it wouldn’t…you should try dieting, you play like a Man U player,loser” Said the smart alec

“uh oh” a bunch of us chorused as Tariq lit into Nazir but before he could land a solid punch,Nazir tripped him. Tariq ran behind him and suddenly it became a free for all ,well not a free for all but 3 other guys joined Tariq, two out to get their revenge on the kid who tattled on them to the Asaatizah and the other 2 who hated ManU been dissed. Now can you imagine what 4 guys would have done to Nazir who could have passed for a stick figure and made anyone look fat? Crushed him.

In class

“What controls our emotions? What makes us happy and sad? We don’t find the pure humour of Nabi SAW appealing because our sense of humour has been tainted. We find mockery funny. We find shamelessness funny.

Sports make us happy and sad. When our team wins,we act as if benefited from their win. We can smile and show our teeth for 3days and if they lose? Oh no, we are angry,grumpy even snap at our wives and mothers because even the food doesn’t taste right then. How Stupid are we?” My Ustadh asked.

“How many people got hurt and killed for supporting a team that someone else didn’t like? No one must insult “Your” player, “Your man.”Most of these players live such filthy lives, they wouldn’t even spit on you if you were on fire,they don’t care about you,why are you wasting your emotions on them? Why can’t we get so worked up about the Sahaba (Companions of Nabi SAW)RA when the shia’s revile them and speak ill of them?”

“Aaah! You little #^%$*” Tariq was almost blue in the face when suddenly Hammad burst through them and tackled Tariq to the ground causing the other guys to fall.

“Time out! Read A’oozu,do you’ll want this to go to the Asaatizah? Cool down. This is no way to solve a foolish argument. Nazir,come here and apologise and you guys apologise too and if I hear of anything more, I will report you”

The guys all muttered sorry, as Tariq walked away ,he slowed down till Hammad was infront of him and turned to Nazir and mouthed

“I’ll get you.”

Ok I am blogged out now folks. JazakAllah for withstanding the onslaught. I will be taking a short break , there are enough posts to last a week. Time to split and take a short break. Sometimes when we blog, we can get bowled over with stats and likes and start thinking the comments reflect how wonderful we are. We know our own realities.

Islam is based on sincerity. And if we’re going to become a slave to numbers,hits,views and comments…we’re in murky waters bhai.

May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’aala reward you all for the duas,motivation,sharing and advices.



As always,in need of duas

ma’as salaam

The part; The nine


Sometimes I have to sit and pull the thoughts out of my head trying to remember Madressa days as clear as I can to put it down on paper(or screen.) So I decided to open some of my dust laden kitabs and see if I am hit with a blast from the past. And indeed,everytime,I am.

Sometimes it’s not a blast but a whisper and sometimes it’s like someone whacked me solid. Like now. I have posted couple of good times already yet I forgot something I learnt way back in first year.

The power and importance of Bismillah.

May Allah forgive me for not putting His name before my thoughts.

‘Hey Deo” Nu’maan sneered at me. “Stop calling me that.” I said.

“stop calling me that,stop calling me that” He said in singsong,imitating me. “Why don’t you stop whining like a girl ”

“Oh shut up,I’m late for class” I said shoving past him. “Whatever dude,here’s the notes Ramzi said to give you.” He passed them to me.

I was touched, Ramzi was helping me with getting the hang of Fiqhul Muyassar and wrote down a few terminologies for me. I grabbed it and was out before Mister could irk me more.

Moulana Tameem’s Tafseer class.

“There are 114 chapters in the Mubarak Qur’aan. 113 begin with the qualities of Allah’s mercy and compassion. We should see and realise our Malik(Master),our Raaziq(Sustainer) is One whose mercy is wrapped around everything. On the arsh of Allah,it is written,”Certainly my mercy overpowers My anger” Allah is the One who is kind,who is Forgiving ,who is Tolerant, who doesn’t let the angels write a sin down immediately because He wants to give us time to make tauba but the mere thought of doing a good deed,is already counted as good.”

Ilyaas raised his hand. “ Moulana, soo no matter what we do Allah will forgive us?”

Moulana replied “ Well it is foolish to think that because of the mercy of ones Master,one can get away with anything. We should live with taqwa=between hope and fear.”

“But isn’t Moulana said we shouldn’t have excessive fear of Allah?”

Moulana smiled “That’s right, but enough to keep away from sin and enough hope to carry on with life….now back to Bismillah…whatever is begun without the name of Allah,remains empty of barakah(blessings) and so important this is that…

A knock rattled the door.

What followed was another ustaadh coming in to tell Moulana Tameem about two of my classmates who were absent apparently because they were sick but were caught smoking behind the boarding. The 2 suspects walked in sheepishly as 2 sheepish…sheep?

Perfect! We were going to be tested in the 2nd period and if Moulana Tameem lectured us long enough about good behaviour and amaanat(trust) I wouldn’t be tested. I mentally high fived myself. When you’re a freshie in Madressa,you waaait for someone to get into trouble so sabaq and testing is postponed and they can get a scolding and you zone out but in later years,you Hope for those advices,because your tarbiyah(character-building) and mindset  is created then

Later that night after Eshaa.

Nu’maan goes“So tell me Nabeel Ad Deo, did you read your Fadhaa’il A’amaal today?”

“Huh? I don’t think we’re doing that kitab in first year” I reply unknowingly.

Nu’maan laughs. “I should add to your kuniyah(title)- Stupideo.”

Ihsaan,one of the 3rd years walks past at that moment. “Oh lay off him bruv,he’s just a freshie innit” He says to Nu’maan,I hardly understood a word but new he was telling Nu’maan to politely get lost. He turned to me; “it’s the kitab that we read after Zuhr yeah? Don’t worry about this chap,he can be a bit butters(mean) at times but he’s nice deep under innit Numi.”

Very,very deep under. Might need a deep sea diver to find his niceness.

I went to sit next to Ramzi before lights out. “Ramzi,tell me if Nu’maan is normal?”

“ahh he just finds an easy victim in you because you don’t know how to answer him As yet but I believe you will one day,one day you will be very capable inshaAllah” Ramzi says convincingly.

I was barely past my first term,still didn’t know or practice too much yet he spoke as if he meant it and at that moment,some of his belief in me got into a crevice in my heart and turned into the first sprout of conviction. Go ahead, help build someone.

“Don’t take his word to heart Nabeel ukhayya(small bro) Nu’maan’s father was from Syria as I told you before but his Mum was from the UK, his baba (father) left his ummi(mother) and never came back to even see him. His Ummi was finished, when a businessman from India proposed her? She married him and when that man changed for Deen? She changed too and became deeni, so that man he insist that Nu’maan come to this Madressa because he knows some of our asaatizah personally. Nu’maan feels forced and wants to be in an Arab madressah or to live in Syria. And wishes for his father’s approval.”



No matter which Muslim personality is going to be on this cruise and I respect them all, it’s not on.Done.
In the name of Islam we did so many things,to make Deen “appealing” we added music to our nasheeds,we made mocktails,we invented ‘islamic fairs’ we eat macon, sick man. And not the nice sick. How can we even put something called macon down our throats? Are we so unhappy to be Muslim that we have to be kaafir-lite?

Lesser degree of a Muslim? They go out of their way to get halaal certification,yet play music and name their foods such, it’s time we tell the food industry something,you’ve got the power. Whose with me on this? Who will pick up the phone and respectfully object to such names and  this cruise,come on.Whether we believe it will make a diff or not. If we going to all say,where they will listen to us…wasting our time and free minutes… no one will have the chance to Think and make different choices. 

Remember that as a consumer,Allah has blessed us with wielding some clout,use it.

(kaafir is the arabic term for non Muslim,not the derogatory term the white man invented because he thought he was all that.)

Spread the word. For the sake of raising pride in Islam again.

Cruise to Jahannam





.. I am asking you, put your hand on your heart and ask yourself this question, that this is the history of my Deen, I am a Muslim, this is where I come from, Can I fit a cruise into this life of mine? This is how my life is supposed to be, Does this cruise feature anywhere in my life? Whatever answer you get, you practice on that. Ask your heart…

Take the money and go for Umrah no one is stopping you. Why do we have to start this, don’t we have enough fitnah. People in Madrassahs in Muslim Schools, we are getting reports. Muslims schools teachers are getting involved with one another, zina is taking place you think it’s not going to happen…

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 Before I went to madressah,I never knew that lowering the gaze was a big deal but oh yeah it Really is.It applies to anything were the eyes are compromised,even if it is texting,billboards,female students,young male students,colleagues,raunchy videos that our eyes fall on in the malls,workers etc May Allah Ta’aala help us in this great Jihad. 

p.s- It is not permissible for us to even look at a person of our own gender that is scantily clad.

1-     Lowering the gaze is obedience to the command of Allaah (interpretation of the meaning): Tell the believing men to lower their gaze (from looking at forbidden things)” [al-Noor 24:30], and obeying the command of Allaah brings ultimate happiness to a person in this world and in the Hereafter.

2-     It purifies the heart and soul and actions.

3-     It prevents the poisoned arrows from reaching you, for a look is one of the poisoned arrows of Iblees.

4-     The one who lowers his gaze is compensated with sweetness of faith in his heart.

5-     He gains sound insight through which he can distinguish truth from falsehood.

6-     He will rid his heart of the pain of feeling that one is missing out, for whoever looks without restraining his glance will always feel that he is missing out.

7-     His heart will be filled with happiness, joy and light that is greater than any pleasure that may be gained by looking.

8-     His will free his heart of the control of desire, for the one who is controlled by his whims and desires is indeed a prisoner.

9-     Lowering the gaze strengthens the mind and increases wisdom, whereas letting the gaze wander freely only makes one follish and heedless of consequences

The Part; The Eight


Back to that weekend.

Tariq looked at me “He is totally wasting his time”

“ Why? Look at how they’re falling over him, daaamn he’s got game” I said,impressed.

Tariq “Yeah ,that he’s got but look at those chicks? Wannabes? Plastered with so much of make up…You know this one bro of mine, he married this girl who Always had make up on,it was amped up for their wedding buut on the their first night when she took all that muck off? He nearly passed out. She looked like another human”

 “Awkward man” I said  intellectually

Tariq; “I believe that the most beautiful girl is the one who is confident, they have this idea that we find them hot if they look like someone else or grow two heads…be yourself man…and put that bloody few strands back under your damn scarf, you look like you not sure if you want to wear the hijab or not…I’m not into the unsure look.”

That was T-Man. Opinionated and most of the time…correct.

“You know Nabeel… a lady who wears that camel hump? Is cursed by RasulAllah SAW,doesn’t mean of the Emiratis are gone all tarties, so should we”

Me “ Wow you’re a poet and you didn’t even know it”

“loser line! There’s our man…looks like he scored..” Tariq said

Ziad; “ The Zee does it again”

“ Do you actually refer to yourself in 3rd person? You should teach me how to be so smooth” I replied baffled by Ziad’s smug expression turning into something more… embarresed.. I turned to see the reason.. It was Hammaad, a 6th year boy.

“Asalamu Alaikum…hows it?” He said “Having fun Nabeel on your first trip out with the boys?”

He knew my name? I felt kinda special. Everyone respected him. He was popular and pious=The lethal ,the combo.

“Yes..Yes..” I stammered slightly awed

He put his arm around Ziad’s neck “Ziad …hows your sister?”

Ziad looked like he was going to have a hernia attack. Started literally spluttering. Hammaad smiled . “I don’t need to know how she is but I need you to know every girl is someone’s daughter or sister…treat every girl with the same respect you want you want for your own. Lower our gaze and Allah will raise our status”

“burrrnt like ash man”  Tariq nudged Ziad as Hammaad left

Ziad; “Oh shut up, not as if they weren’t willing as wildebeest, holier than thou Hammaad.”

I laughed but secretly I agreed with Hammaad. Even if the opposite party has forgotten their self respect ,why should we forget ours?

Monday in class.

I used to think Shaikh Shifu was psychic. He would just look at you and make a comment like…

“ So Nabeel, enjoyed the weekend? Remember good company will bring good thoughts…wanting to be a player isn’t actually on anyone’s list of goals”

Later I understood that some people have firasat and baseerat (insight and vision) they can detect the sins radiating off us.

Shaikh Shifu looked through my soul and said “ The gaze is an arrow from the arrows of shaitan but our heads are so filled with the media we call it cupids arrow, when you restrain your self when you’re young, the doors of nur are thrown wide open to your heart, may Allah help us in this great jihad”