The part; The Twelve. Loveboats and Eavesdropping


Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem


Shaikh Shifu looked at Zameer piercingly. Ok not actually piercingly but as if he could see right through him and everything he had got up to that past week.

“many a love boats have sunk in an ocean of destruction Zameer” Shaikh said calmly. Meanwhile I was thinking howcome it didn’t sound ridiculous when Shaikh spouted lines like that. It made me think of all the blinking Shakespearean claptrap we had to do in high school. But it made sense this.

“many a love boats have sunk in an ocean of destruction.”

‘This is my last warning Zameer,after this I have to take it up with Mufti.” Shaikh told a stricken Zameer. I thought Shaikh was being a bit harsh and ratting out for nothing but when I came to know later that Shaikh had caught Zameer 7 times and each time let him go with advice. Sometimes when someone doesn’t want to listen repeatedly,drastic action has to be taken.

“First I caught you smoking,then I caught you with your phone,you promised not to use it again but you did and then when I took it away,you hooked another student to lend you his. And why? All so you could talk to this girl,is she worth it?” Shaikh asked him

Zameer the tough guy I knew,reacted in a totally unexpected way. He looked like he was about to cry! Baby.

“I…I truly…err feel for her Shaikh…Please understand me…I want to marry her!” His voice cracked with sorrow.

This was certainly entertaining! I tried not to make a noise as I slurped my Sprite.

‘Do you love her?’ Asked Shaikh

“yes!” Zameer said enthusiastically

“do you think she will be faithful to you?”Shaikh enquired as if he was ticking off a medical diagnosis

“Shaikh! I wouldn’t love her so much if she was loose!,she’s a good Muslimah” Zameer muttered

“But if she cant be faithful to her Rabb and you cant be faithful to your Rabb,whose love should dominate…

See,who uses the word dominate and still sounds cool? Shaikh  Shifu,that’s who. I was onto my chappies,listening and growing more impressed.

Shaikh continued”Whose love should dominate our lives, how will you remain faithful to each other when you’ll jeapordised your relationship with Allah,make tauba and leave her, you say she is good,I believe that because you are a good boy and have good judgement most of the time but we all sin and fall,get up and move on,leave her so she may become better and happier without you,in the long run.”

Zameer; “I tried a hundred times…I made tauba..I carried on…and we couldn’t stay apart…Shaikh you don’t understand! Its not that I want to do this sin but I just am unable to give it up,shes my addiction”

Hmm. I hope he realises how embarrassing that was. Hell, I was embarrassed for him, how can you throw lines like that at your seniors? But Shaikh responded like a pro.

“I Do understand Zameer, I do.” Shaikh said holding Zameer shoulders. “ If you tried a hundred times,then try and 102 times,don’t stop trying,increase your zikr. Do you know what zikr does to the heart? Brightens it,lightens it and makes it easier for us to do our other ibaadat.But what is the trick of zikr,what did we do in class?”

Zameer looked relieved “to do it constantly? The hadith declares that the most beloved action to Allah is the one that is constant even if it is little.”

Shaikh smiled “maashaaAllah ,someone is awake in class. Istiqamat,commitment. That’s what we need.”

Shaikh was calm as an ice cube uptil then but then his voice changed to a lighting like tone. Was Scary!

“ Zameer…for all your aqal (intelligence) What I find hard to stomach is seeing you last night with a girl,I assume the same one.”

‘ saw me!’ Zameer was perspiring

“Yes and I was gutted that you chose to meet her on a Thursday night! The eve of Jumah Zameer! Why?? You had no sabr for the weekend? I’m not saying go and meet girls on the weekend but why on the night you’ll are given off?? As an amanat?(trust) It is such a pure and blessed night. Our actions are presented to Nabi SAW on this night,do you know that? If we cant sit and read Salawaat or do extra  good on this night,at least abstain from sin of the night and day of jumah! Our sawaab is multiplied on the Mubarak days an nights and the outcome of our sins are also multiplied! Why did you have to drag  the Madressa name in the mud by parading with her publicly on a Mubarak night!”

Shewww. I stood up and was about to leave, trying to blend in the shadows I stood in ,eavesdropping.But…

‘Whose there? Nabeel? How long have you been standing there?” I heard Shaikh’s voice behind me. Damn!


Jumah is here,lets try and be xxx good and stay away from sin. Even the ‘small’ ones. Use it as a practise run for Ramadhan which is so near.

12 thoughts on “The part; The Twelve. Loveboats and Eavesdropping”

  1. ​السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُاللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ
    As usual , i thoroughly enjoyed the post . You have a really captivating way of putting across a scenario to your readers & at the same time we are learning so much. It makes me introspect & look at my own life when all these issues are addressed in each chapter . جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا . May الله سُبْحَانَهُ وَّتَٰعالَي give us all the hidayah to improve ourselves & reward you greatly for your efforts آمين يا رب العالمين

  2. MashaALlah totally apt. So tru hw can loyalty be true when haraam beloveds are being disloyal to the cmmds of Allaah. May Allah engross us in His love and love for His sake.

  3. SubhanAllah what great fasaaha and hikmah! Our asaatiza truly are our lifelines, our guiding lights, our link to Allah. May Allah reward them with the best of both worlds and grant them Aafiyah!

  4. Alhamdulillah the fact that a blog like this exists has renewed my faith in the youth. May الله swt make it easier and easier for us all to live Islam. الحمد الله

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