The Part;The Thirteen; Mechanics and Islaah




The long story short, Shaikh burnt my ears off(metaphorically!) for listening in on his convo with Zameer. This was the first time my favourite teacher had scolded me and in my ignorance, I was irritated and upset. Come on,what was the big deal? But you see, when you live in an environment where lying,gossiping,making dirty jokes,eavesdropping is not considered a really bad thing and where being mean is funny and when this is endorsed by the one you spend a lot of time with- the TV, then when you are thrown into a pure environment that is continuously egging you on to be better,better,better,you don’t get it at first. You think “oh please man,you’re overdoing it” or at least I did.

Similarly when we’re out in Jamaat(time spent inviting to Allah) or in the Halaqah(gatherings) of our Shuyookh(spiritual guides), then at first it seems a bit much especially when we have major stuff like drugs,booze,no salaah,clubbing and being promiscuous,to see to and remove. But the qualities that we have and that we don’t consider wrong? Will become like weeds that will trip us up in our ultimate quest,may Allah bless those who advice us sincerely.

I woke up during the late part of the night which was weird because usually I slept like a log, to see Ramzi on the floor. That was weird,I was so sure he slept on his bunk bed every night. Oh maybe he had a bed bug or something. Staring at nothing at the dark, I remembered to be grumpy with Shaikh coz he made me feel like scum.

“Nabeel” A voice whispered

I nearly bring the room down with my scream. The guys woke up with shock and since we had no access to lights,pulled out their mini torches and secret phones.

“What???” “What the hell happened?!”  “Who was it?”   “Arreh kya huwa mera baap?”(that was Mustafa)

“I thought It was a jinn! Kasam I heard someone say my name!”I shouted

“Yooou bleddy idiot! You gave me a fright!” Mustafa was Angry,he Hated his sleep disturbed and charged at me in the dark,tackling me. “When I finish you, you’ll hear 10 Jinaat!”

“My head you moron! You bloody banged it against the railing” I shoved him away

“Break it up guys,they will come check up on us just now”  “Mustafa get over yourself,it’s not as if you lost someone,our sleep also broke and we’re not acting like bulls” “Apologise Nabeel you moron” (That was you know Nu’maan)

Then Ramzi,surprisingly threw 2 pillows at us. “here,fight it out take qisaas and go back to sleep,na’am?” he smiled in the dark. The other guys pelted their pillows at us and suddenly it was a free for all. We ended up having a pillow fight and laughing and err swearing at around 2am.  Sometimes I think of those carefree days with the most deepest yearning and I remember one of my close friends advice.The best is still to come.

So anyways, Suhaib, a guy who moved to our room because he had issues with his room,said “I think I can hear Imraan bhai!”

Everyone shoved their phones and torches away and hopped back into bed like greased lightning. One thing, Madressa increases your reflex power!

We lay in bed laughing and my brother Ramzi,as always, reminded us to remember Allah and not just get chocked in our ghaflat(negligence) of fun.

“Come boys,we got a little time before fajr salaah,Allahumma bismika amutu wa ahya(Oh Allah,on Your name I die and come back to life),make a little zikr befre we sleep inshaAllah” Ramzi said.

The next day at breakfast,Ramzi was buttering his toast when he turned to me and smiled “Ya Nabeel,I was the jinn,I sensed you were awake,I whispered,I didn’t know you will get a fright,sorry akhi”

I laughed. “It’s cool, you Must be a jinn to detect that I was awake! Hey why were you sleeping on the floor?”

Ramzi mumbled some excuse as I gulped down my sad looking brown tea and missed my mothers breakfast skills. Only in later years I would figure that Ramzi would pull his duvet and stuff and sleep on the floor to practise on a great sunnah. We say it’s just a sunnah but it’s never “just” it is Nur. We should try and practice on certain sunnats even if we can’t all the time,then now and then and seek istighfaar for when we can’t do so.

“Come on,you’re going to be late for your first dars(lesson) Normally you’re rushing for Shaikhs dars?” Ramzi asked

I told Ramzi about my issue with Shaikh. I didn’t like being told off by anyone.Simple.

“Hmm…that is your ego talking Nabeel. This is an Islaah garage, we are like the cars that met up in accidents because of our sins and weakness so we come to the garage to what you say?”

“panel beat?”

“Yes! Our Asaatizah(teachers) are our panel beaters,they will put us right ,sometimes it hurts the car but do the car get cross with mechanic ya Nabeel?” Ramzi looked at me kindly

I got his point. Alhamdulilah. Some people will pick on you because of the power trip it gives them,some because they got nothing better to do but a teacher/parent/sibling/relative/friend guide/ameer that is sincere will do it out of concern. Don’t push it away.

I smiled at Ramzi , “JazakAllah man” I said simply,picking up my bag of kitabs and jogged to class, I didn’t want to be late for my favourite dars,with my fav teacher.

6 thoughts on “The Part;The Thirteen; Mechanics and Islaah”

    1. Really thought provoking. Our asaatiza are like panel beaters… we only appreciate them when we are out of madrassah.

  1. As always amazing mashaAllah, thinking of my asatizaazand feeling blessed. They really and truely cared for us and in the most loving and understanding way. May Allah grant them all the highest place in jannah. Ameen.

  2. asalamualaykum.wr.wb query reg sleeping on the floor.
    Recently i’ve read in a sunnats kitaab published by al-Imdaad Foundation .i quote: “To sleep on a bed or to sleep on the floor are both sunnah.” -[100 Sunnats of our beloved Nabi Sallalahualayhi wassalam tasleeman katheera]

    any dalaael to back this up?

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