Blogging and Ramadhan


Asalamu  alaikum

Once in Madressah we did the Tafseer of Surah Asr(Time) and my respected,beloved teacher explained it in one line. Watch an ice block melt ona summer’s day and understand the meaning of Surah Asr.

By the qasam of Time,

Certainly mankind is at a loss

 Except for those who have believed and done good deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.

(ps: Updating hijabi and fresh beards and iftaar pics are not under the tafseer of “good deeds”)

Let’s spend our time the right way inshaAllah. Let’s not let social media make us waste time. Hold the Quran and tasbih more often than the phone. Sit on the musalla in dua rather than clicking pics on instagram. I salute those bloggers who have chosen not to post in Ramadhan. Reading or writing fiction is not the option that’s the best for us in Ramadhan. InshaAllah.

It is the month for intense Personal ibadah.From one blog,we surf to the next and next. If we are not going to utilise this opportunity now,then when?

One day,we all have to die. How will we answer for how I spent my time? Every night and morning let’s ask ourselves this.

Please forgive me, I know I Have offended many here, I ask for maaf. 

Make dua for my hidayat and the ability to practise on what I preach.

Was salam.

See you’ll in Shawaal if Allah wishes so


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