Post Ramadhan thoughts


so let’s see… shaitan’s out,the nafs is flexing its muscles again and i forgot how to navigate wordpress…

a)How was your Ramadhan?

b)what changes did you adopt in Ramadhan that you would like to keep now?

c)What made you follow/click on this blog for the newbies?

d)Is boycotting sin more important or boycotting products?

8 thoughts on “Post Ramadhan thoughts”

  1. From the lack of comments it seems like people made a ramadhan resolution to spend less time on blogs and Internet!!! Alhamdulillah ramadhan was awesome although it flew by and disappeared before we knew it. May Allah accept the little we did and overlook our shortcomings. Ameen. One thing that I would like to carry on from ramadhan is the recitation of quraan majeed. It really brings peace and tranquillity to the mind and heart.

  2. (a) Ramadaan was great but went too fast. (b) While I was fasting, I was very conscious of making gheebat and I kept thinking back to the story of those two ladies who were gossipping and vomitted out pieces of meat. Backbiting is something I really want to eradicate from my life – in Ramadaan and out of it, inshaAllah. I know a couple of people who passed away in Ramadaan and it led me to this realisation that life is truly short. In Ramadaan, we try and make every moment count and try to cram as much goodness as we can into each and every day, would like to make the rest of my life like that inshaAllah. (c) I find your blog very interesting. Its awesome in that it gives us insight into how madressa life was, sounds amazing. I also find your blog inspiring and educational. I had previously learnt some of the things you mentioned in your blog but had forgotten about it. I love reading and most of the other blogs I follow are definitely not islamic, your blog is refreshing, please keep on writing. (d) Boycotting sin is obviously most important for us as Muslims, however, after seeing the atrocities that are occurring in Gaza, I think boycotting of products is also something that needs to be considered.

  3. Slmz,

    a)How was your Ramadhan?
    It was a hurried month, and I didnt get to recite much Quraan or read my taraweeh, however I feel like I gained more Taqwa this month. It has shaped my being more than any of the previous Ramadaans. I feel more closeness to my Allah

    b)what changes did you adopt in Ramadhan that you would like to keep now?
    I would like to continue to read my 5 times namaaz, as well as cover my hair.

    c)What made you follow/click on this blog for the newbies?
    I was fascinated by what really happens in darululooms. I love how you share stories, and personalise the experience.

    d)Is boycotting sin more important or boycotting products?
    Honestly I dont see much point in boycotting the products. These companies wont die without our support. It is more important to be muslim role models, and conduct ourselves in a way that wins over non-muslims hearts. Our conduct and charachter are more important.

  4. “verily actions are judged by ,the end result”
    May Allah ta’aala help us to live our lives better than we spend it in Ramadhaan and May Allah Ta”aala make us meet mauth in greater joy than we find when sighting the eid moon.Aameen

  5. jazakAllah khair for the insights/ comments and the changes you mentioned,definitely isnahAllah is a reminder and motivation to us all , Ameen
    may Allah help us get back to our Ramadhan spirit even if we slipped

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