Fi Amanillah (&your guide to darul uloom guys&girls)


When this blog began, I  had a hundred thoughts&experiences to share. However something happened,Ramadhan.

It made me introspect and carrying on with this blog is not feasible for certain reasons. 

However, the few things I did want to share,are under. They also are completely applicable to me. Hope I can remember all,doubt it.


a) They stand out because of the edge their ilm(knowledge) gives them.

b)However when we don’t practice on the ilm, it can have a very adverse effect that will impact on us even more than on someone who has limited ilm.

c)Do not get charmed by the lines a guy still studying gives you. (esp foreigners) that “hot” accent won’t sound so charming when he informs you he HAS to marry someone from his culture/family/or his mother might get suicidal. Girl, he is not going to marry you,period.

d) The girl who can rattle off her politics and arabic with equal ease, is  appealing. However when on your engagement/wedding/her friends walima, she rocks up with a camel hump or whips off her hanayen to expose her hair… you’re asking for trouble.

e) If you don’t have adab (respect and etiquette) for your teachers,kitaabs& colleagues while in Madressa, your stinky reputation will stay with you.

f) When we enter the Madressa, we have admitted ourselves into a washing machine to clean up our act internally and externally. We can only benefit if we don’t resist.

g) Very rarely does someone who didn’t work on their spiritual condition and keep the company of the pious will do so after leaving Madressa. This is an epic disaster. Knowledge of deen cannot be learnt in isolation, it’s not clinical like secular knowledge.

h) Conducting a love affair with anyone other than ALLAH TA’AALA is a huge barrier to learning and absorbing and figuring out our purpose in life. We dont need this. May Allah protect our hearts in HIS Merciful Hands

i) Watching movies and porn &listening to music (and youtubing unnecessary clips) ,blocks the nur(light) of the ilm filtering into the heart and mind. Doesn’t matter if our marks are sky high. It distances us from our Allah. And we will see the proof when we feel disinclined from deeni talks/people&activities.

j) Studying&Teaching Deen, the work of Tabligh, the time with the mashaaikh of the Khanqahs and humanitarian work are 4 wheels of a moving car. A car missing one wheel cannot go anywhere. IF we cannot be a part of a certain work, then don’t do yourself a disservice and pick on it. Zip our mouths. 

k) We should try and distance ourselves from the love of clothes,trends,cars & gadgets. What is the point of all our years in Madressa otherwise? What will set us apart? 

l) Please work on spelling and diction, it shouldn’t be that because we’re in Madressa we can butcher the  language! Remember Nabi SAW and Sahaba RA spoke eloquently.

m) become a master of our studies. When you enjoy it,it will be fun. Simple.

n) Overlook the faults of our teachers and the Ulama. Take their advice and duas.

o)Follow the sunnah and help the family, thats when they won’t say Alimas and Alims aren’t good people. Do it because it is a sunnah of Nabi SAW,whose example is the formula for success

p) Don’t be obsessed by stats and likes and dont be a wanna-be social media star. Facebook,Twitter etc is not for the people of Ilm

q) Don’t let anyone with a secular degree ever make you feel like a second class citizen and don’t allow yourself to feel that way. You’re a star. Allah has truly blessed you, now let’s that that ilm and use it to make a change.

r) don’t become an Alim known to debate and argue.

s) No matter how many years since we left Madressa, we should revise regularly and keep reading stories of the pious to motivate and inspire us.


AstaudiUllah deenaka wa amaanataka wa khawaateema amalik


12 thoughts on “Fi Amanillah (&your guide to darul uloom guys&girls)”

  1. So the end then… Alhumdulillah. The purpose of Ramadhaan, it changes the heart, Insha Allah. May Allah guide Ml through every walk of life with ease, and grant Ml ability to brighten and bring hidaayat to many through whatever means he chooses.
    Req for Du’aas. Ma’asalaam.

  2. Slms
    Jazakallah for this blog.
    I absolutely enjoyed every post.
    I will truly miss it and I’m sad to see the end of it.
    May Allah swt use you for Deen always and grant you and your family the best of dunya and aakhirah , Aameen

  3. Please reconsider your decision as your blog has been inspirational, informative and enjoyable. Would love for it to continue. What is the actual reason you have decided to stop?

  4. Please do reconsider,this is a very inspirational blog,look forward to educating myself through every post.

  5. Assalaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmah Tullah… Jazakallah Khair for writing this blog… it was really inspirational and the only blog thta was actually worth reading… Please reconsider your decision… May Allah SWT bless you in everything that you do, forgive all your sins, reward you for all the things that you have taught your readers, and May He grant you the highest stages of Jannah! In Shaa Allah, Ameen…

  6. aslm…please reconsider your desicion as I found your blog extremely beneficial. .. especially since I being an alima who wishes to turn the clock back n right my wrongs… and I was hoping that this blog would save current taalibaat from many ills and evils… khair … Allah reward you for your efforts. ..

  7. Aawww,so sad this blog is at its end,i really enjoyed its awesome advises hilarious analogy’s…plzzzz reconsider continuing with it…in the blogging world there’s not many “halaal” blogs for us to hook ourselves onto…in my opinion despite the islamic names,majority of blogs consist of pure goo.(except for a pretty few-like this one for instance!)

    jazakallaall the same 4 whatever effort has been put in to this blog,it was most def generated in a good course…

  8. Assalamualaikum brother, i came across this blog and really liked it mashaAllah. please do carry on with this, this is like a dawah work, and it could help someone make a good change in themselves, these blogs doesnt have to be a waste of time, unless the intentions is for Allahs sake, and for people to benefit.. So please do reconsider about your decision..

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