The Beloved SAW said; ” I have been sent as a teacher.”

The students of deen are the inheritors of this treasure.

Studying deen is something that can never leave you unchanged in any way.

The journey along the way was not as pious as this post sounds, to my regret.

The tone and words sometimes might be offensive, forgive me, it is to capture a particular period in time and the perspective at that time.

The events in this blog are, sadly based on real life happenings.

The object is not to pass time blog surfing but to find a lesson and use it so InshaAllah, we don’t make the same mistakes that someone else already did on your behalf.

Names and places of people have been changed to protect the not so innocent;)  Then why mention their shenanigans? It’s because every person’s life has a lesson for us to carry away with us. Along my ride, I met the most diverse fellow travellers.

So buckle up…we’re about to take off…travelling dua please people


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