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No matter which Muslim personality is going to be on this cruise and I respect them all, it’s not on.Done.
In the name of Islam we did so many things,to make Deen “appealing” we added music to our nasheeds,we made mocktails,we invented ‘islamic fairs’ we eat macon, sick man. And not the nice sick. How can we even put something called macon down our throats? Are we so unhappy to be Muslim that we have to be kaafir-lite?

Lesser degree of a Muslim? They go out of their way to get halaal certification,yet play music and name their foods such, it’s time we tell the food industry something,you’ve got the power. Whose with me on this? Who will pick up the phone and respectfully object to such names and  this cruise,come on.Whether we believe it will make a diff or not. If we going to all say,where they will listen to us…wasting our time and free minutes… no one will have the chance to Think and make different choices. 

Remember that as a consumer,Allah has blessed us with wielding some clout,use it.

(kaafir is the arabic term for non Muslim,not the derogatory term the white man invented because he thought he was all that.)

Spread the word. For the sake of raising pride in Islam again.