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The Part;the Fifteen. Getting the wrong end of the miswaak

In class; Hayaatus Sahabaa (R.A)

Hayaatus Sahaaba(Lives of the Companions of Nabi SAW) was a book that fascinated me. At first I didn’t have much interest because of grappling with the Arabic but once that become easier thanks to having a patient mu’tala partner,it opened a treasure box of unending pearls.

For the first time the Sahaba became a reality for me. For the first time I got a glimpse of them as humans like me. As if they emerged from the mists of far-away legends and I could “see” them as real, living, everyday humans with everyday issues yet who lived extraordinarily in their choices. It was a book that even Nu’maan was enamoured with.

“Where are you lost Nabeel? Not paying attention?” Moulana Zahid asks and I snap out of my reverie.

“No,no not at all Moulana, I am…I was just wondering about this waaqiah(incident) that we just covered regarding Ali RA and Muawiyah RA… It just…disturbs me a bit…like I find it hard to …how do I put this eish…”

“Like how could the Sahaba have a so called struggle for leadership? Or why did their differences escalate? And they were supposed to be the best of all people after Ambiyaa” Moulana asks perceptively.

“jee..jee” I nod

And as always it’s the teacher who makes all the difference to what is taught.

“The difference between Sahaba was only and Always because of Deen. They didn’t always see each other the way later generations saw them them yet they looked at each other with completely clean hearts. When there was a difference between Ali RA and Muawiya RA,it was because each thought that they would be more capable to implement Deen amongst the masses. There was No question Ever of them differing because of desire and greed for power.”

I digested this and breathed out in relief. Their entire lives were monuments to Imaan. (Faith)

“Never doubt those who Allah Ta’aala handpicked to be in the company of His Beloved,those who bore every trail and took this deen forward,those who stood as 313 in Badr against an enemy Three times their size and never once thought of running away from the battlefield,the Sahaba gave their lives and hearts in a second for Deen,in a second. We need to have the greatest love and respect for those whom Allah says HE is happy with(Quran)” Moulana continued.


The Sahaba,the Best of all ‘ordinary’ mortals, stood on opposite sides of the battlefield,they had differences. They didn’t say,oh okay let’s just be all be one big happy family. Their differences were for Deen. For those beating on the Unity card, you are missing the broader picture. Will you accuse the Sahaba of disuniting the Ummah? Don’t miss the point totally and get the wrong end of the miswaak.

We cannot harp on unity of the MUSLIMS while ISLAM is being torn apart. First comes ISLAM ,then comes the Muslims.

To follow a mazhab is waajib for the masses. Those who pick on Imaam Abu Hanifa,Imaam As-Shaafi,Imaam Malik and Imaam Hambal are greatly deluded.

Those who say they don’t follow their nafs,then Who do you follow when you decided to read 8rakaats? When you decided hijab isn’t compulsory? When you discarded the ‘topee’(Islamic hat) ? Who DID you follow? Your Shaikh? Ibn Taymiyah?  Those who came so many aeons After Nabi SAW but you threw away the stance those who were WITH Nabi SAW? Umar RA made the uniform code of Taraweeh as 20. Sahaba RA followed and so it remained. Sahaba RA wore a hat. Sahabiyaat draped themselves in full niqaab.

So who are we and our scholars when we conveniently throw it all aside in the name of  “I will Only follow Quran and Sunnah”?

I am sorry but when every day,someone is led away from the unity of the ummah that was held intact by following a mazhab,then I Will speak out against it and when gentleness isn’t working,then we have to take other measures. The sisters who were outraged by the disunity of the ummah, what do you say about the fact that so many of these Shaikhs have made tv watching.music,movies.photos okay? Do you get outraged by that?

The manner in which the Shaikh’s were mocked was disliked because of the tone,fine,I accept that but it was to raise a point. The Ulama are supposed to be fountains of wisdom and pillars of spirituality and piety so we may lean on them.

But when our Ulama are making jokes using movies they watched,even with their kids or update a status about how a movie is good or wholesome(though it contains every non Islamic element)then as hard as we try,we cannot find the nur we seek,from them.

Please I beg you, you Have the intelligence,the followers,the sway,now use it in the right way Shaikh. And I plead that with a completely sincere plea.