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the part; the two


I threw myself on Prakash’s sofa muttering how my life was ruined. Prakash was my friend from primary school days.

Woah, you mean become like a holy man? Like a Moulana?

Yeah Prakz. Sucks dhall right? (that means terrible for the unschooled in odd slang)

That’s hectic man. Will you be allowed to watch movies with me and stuff still after you become one?

I could see that was his primary concern since I always bailed him. He always just happened to lose his wallet whenever we went to the movies.

That’s the problem Prakz! I won’t be able to do so many things! Moulanas can’t go to the movies or to parties or listen to music, I’d find it weird if I saw any of them doing that. My life’s over!!

Yeah that’s way hectic man eish. Why don’t you just tell them no way Jose.

Nabeel ! Prakash’s granny ambled into the lounge. Why you boy’s don’t come watch with me? I got a nice Shah Rukh film on

Thanks Aunty but not today

You’ll so boring like that. Prakash did you get the ghee for my prayer lamp? Please go and get my stuff ready, just now it’s time for my prayers

I started getting a bit uncomfortable around this point. I read most of my salaah  though I wasn’t a very pious Muslim and got irritated when my sister told me I spend too much time at a non Muslims house for the safety of my imaan. What the hell did she mean? Now I understand. Our Imaan is like a thermometer,the temp will go up and down according to our environment.

 Al mar’u alaa deeni khaleelihi. A man is upon the deen of his friend.

A friend isn’t always someone we interact with but can apply to someone who we spend alot of time watching on screen or listening to. It affects us. 


I couldn’t think straight since Nana threw that ultimatum at me. Emotional blackmailer. He was home now. I went over to him watching Mum settle him in bed.

Nana…I need to ask you something… Err…Do I still need to go to Darul Uloom? Since like…since…

Since I never die? He asked me dryly.

Well yes I mean it was like a bit of an anti climax I said laughing. Nana laughed too. Luckily we had a great relationship or I would have got a black eye for rudeness.

Before my folks rushed Nana to hospital, he fell and on the way to the floor hit his face on the edge of his draw,thus when Mum found him , there was blood oozing out of his mouth. Mum went hysteric and assumed the worst. However what Did happen was a mild stroke. Although he was fine now, his movements were a bit jerky and slow. I ignored the slight pull at my heart.


Yes you still need to go. You promised. He eyed me under his bushy brows.

Daamn, Nana I thought you were going to kick it. Everyone was like reading and crying, I’d like heartless if I said no right

Sometimes I wonder if you’re really my blood,What is really your goals Nabeel? Yes I know you going to tell me to get rich and own a Bugatti but is that really a goal and you can’t get rich by sitting infront of your computer playing games or loafing with your friends,Beta you can’t even take the name of Allah without looking uncomfortable. Think of that. go now I’m tired

A few days later.

I had left for a holiday with my friends as a last fling before we all started the next year.

Yusuf appeared next to me. Nutella for your thoughts? He said offering me some. I stuck my finger inside broodingly.

You and me were supposed to go to campus together Handsome. It was going to be a blast. I mean how awesome is it that we both applied and got accepted  at the same faculty at  the same University? And now my plans are Ruined! Damn it Nana!

Err…he’s not here you know. Anyways what’s so bad about becoming an Alim? I know you had this vision to be the next Muslim John Pilger ( we had applied to study Media and Comm) but I think you’ll be doing a far greater work as an Alim, you will affect hearts.

So why the hell don’t you become one killjoy? I muttered striding off into the tempting waves with my board. My passion was the beach,the surfing,the wipe outs.

Yusuf cut through a delicious looking wave and stood next to me. What is it that you’re really afraid of Nab?

Change. I am afraid I’ll have to change and be good and holy, you know?

My eyes passed  over the endless  ocean, my friends up the craggy cliffs and my phone on the shore with fresh messages from the hottest girls. I couldn’t give up this fun. This awesome life. No way! I was going to make it clear to Nana as soon as I got back

A week later.

I stood stubbornly infront of my family,hands crossed defensively over my chest.

Nana calmly looks at me; Dont scold him Rukaya..fine Nabeel …you don’t want to go? Okaybut I’ve got a deal for you.